Weekly Status Report 8.4

If you’re new here, this is my update on my Six month SMART Goal.  If you need a quick reminder, read here to get  you caught up on  SMART Goals.  This is good stuff.  I am putting it to the test in my own life, and will be reporting in here weekly.

Specific: Lose 35 pounds by December 31, 2014.

Measurable: Saturday status report. Now, Monday morning weekly report. 

Achievable:  I can do this!  I believe I can and I’m doing the work.

Results:  Weekly weigh-in updates.

Timeline:  ~6 Months


Feel free to share your weekly goal and status at #mysmartgoal.  I’ll be looking for you on Instagram.

Here is my “Habits Checklist” to keep up with my goals.

Weekly Status Report
Weekly Status Report

Yes.  This may be my best week yet in that capacity.  One day at a time, one meal at a time.  I can tell that I am thinking differently this time.  I believe I can do it.  And I feel the difference.

  • Did I make exercise a daily habit?

Yes. I wanted six days this week.  But I missed Tuesday.  Tuesday is usually one of the busiest days of the week around here, and I’ve got to get it done in the morning.  THIS is the week that I’ll get six days.

But here’s the cool thing.  I’ve been using the Map My Walk app to keep track of the distance I’m moving.  I missed a day and had one quick walk because it was the end of the day and I had to squeeze it in- and I still got 7.7 miles in.  For me, that was a big wake up!  I’m getting some distance in.  My goal for this week is 10 miles.  This will push me to do a little more, but still be attainable.  It should work out to be 1.7 miles a day.  I can walk 2 miles a day.  I can!

One thing that I’m really happy about is that Saturday we went swimming as a family.  It is our little one’s favorite activity and it gives us time to be together and LAUGH!  I could have counted it for fitness for the week, but in keeping with my goals, we went walking that night as a family.  It was a small thing but really felt great that I was keeping with the goals, and my family was working with me to get there.

  • Did I write everything down that went in my mouth?

After last week’s Big NO, I’m proud to report that this week is Big YES.  Even though we have a strict “No phones at dinner” rule at our house, I’ve made one adjustment that after we sit down and have prayer, I enter in what is on my plate BEFORE I eat.  This way I remember all the ingredients and I can look at the calories that I’m about to eat and put some specific thought into my eating choices.  It has really been a good thing for me.

  • Did I report in?

Yes.  This accountability first thing Monday morning is a great way to evaluate last week’s progress, and set up the strategy for how I’m going to be successful this week.  I can see how it’s going to be a process.  This is not a 90-day of craziness then back to life project.  I’m making lifestyle changes.

  • Overall result?

I’m up .5 pound. Half a pound.  Normally I would be so sad about that and might even considered this a failed attempt.  But I’m learning that my body is adjusting to the changes I’m making.  My husband would say to me, “Don’t worry about the scale.  Keep at it.”  That’s pretty great advice.

Tell me now, how did your week go with your SMART goal?  Feel free to comment here or use #mySMARTgoal on Twitter or Instagram.

Can’t wait to hear all about it!




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  1. Look at you! More miles! An extra swimming activity! More days this week! You’re doing awesome 🙂 proud of you and happy to be reporting in every Monday morning. Good for your for tracking your food. I find that’s what makes all the difference in the world for me. Sometimes I’m a little grossed out when I enter something AFTER I’ve eaten it and find out just how much it cost me. It really does change your thinking and perspective and empty calories and discretionary calories. I’m texting you in the a.m. tomorrow because its Tuesday and holding you accountable 😉

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