Work Your Strengths

Jim Collison, of The Average Guy Network, shares his insight on money management, working your strengths and how you can win no matter where you are in your financial situation!

Jim Collison | Work Your Strengths
Jim Collison | Work Your Strengths

We discuss:

  • How Jim & his wife, Sarah, learned about money while they were young & he was still in the military.
  •  How car payments forced them to pay for life on the card, which quickly added up to serious debt.
  • Feeling guilty about debt?  It seems like the easiest answer is to spend more money.
  • Larry Burkett’s book, Complete Financial Guide For Young Couples (Christian Financial Concept), changed his entire financial perspective.
  • “How we spend our money is outward indicator of an inward spiritual condition.”  Larry Burkett
  • The budget can get blown out of proportion, but you fix it and move forward.
  • In 18 months they were completely debt free.
  • How he found confidence & hope to fix his finances that directed his family to live on an established budget for 15+ years.
  • How Jim stopped doing the budget 8 years ago, and put it on autopilot with his transactions & savings.
  • “I think budgeting and planning, super duper important.”
  • Set up your spending categories, understand the percentages of where to spend your money.
  • Do an inventory to track your spending. Don’t feel guilty about it.  Don’t try to change anything & group them into expenses.
  • “You should always be saving.”
  • Your well-being goes up when you give things away, according to a Gallup study.
  • “Budget your hours like you budget your money.”
  • “Most people overestimate what they can do in a month and underestimate what they can do in a year.  So give yourself a year to try it.”
  • Measure, engage, & move forward on the budget.
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0
  • “Having a plan is better than no plan.”
  • Money equals options.
  • We discuss my strengths to look at how Strength Finders is helping me.
  • Themes x Investments = Strengths
  • Try to discover your Super Power.
  •  We all understand that: 1+1= Way More than 2
  • Jim shares his highest & lowest strengths and how he works with that.
  • Take the Strength Finders as a team, as a family, in relationships to build your best strengths.
  • When using your strengths:  Name it.  Claim it.  And Aim it.
  • What the difference is between a bank & a credit union for the regular consumer.
  • What is he proudest of while working with Gallup?  How High school students have an opportunity to do an internship at Gallup Credit Union.
  • Girls are dropping out of tech programs in junior high.  What can we do to keep them involved in the STEM program through the junior high/high school years?
  • “Don’t panic and plan.”
  • You have 2 of the most expensive months coming up:  Do damage control.
  • Keep the categories broad and very simple.
  • How expensive is Thanksgiving?  How expensive is Christmas?  Keep track of teh receipts and keep track.

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