Whining doesn’t work

Some mornings go beautifully.  Everyone is dressed and ready, everyone is smiling, we load up the car and as we drive to work and school the sunshine is bringing in the light. Like a cool car commercial.

Then there’s this morning.  Running late.  Hair is not quite done.  Child is screaming.  For no reason.  We are all wired.  That stressful feeling is thick in the air.

We barely make it to preschool on time.  I say goodbye to my toddler with a hug, kiss and a mildly terrifying threat to behave and be nice.  Or else.

Whew.  We made it.

Whining doesn't work
Whining doesn’t work

Of course, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

And as I was driving home from the insanity of this morning,  the parallel came in right away…

Here comes a highlight of the morning’s self-talk:

“You are working on your debt, girl.  Of course it’s going to be tough. You have to get through this. You need peace.  Your family deserves that.  You can give your best to your family and loved ones so much better when you aren’t whining about how tough it is…”

“But I’ve been tough in going through this for a while.” I think out loud.  “It’s really hard.  I’m tired of this…”

And then, in some strange cosmic force my inner drill sergeant comes in with the big hat and aviator glasses and starts letting me have it.  He looks a bit like Jamie Foxx but not nearly as charming.

“Well…DUH.  Anyone can start a major project.  They do start.  People start things all the time. But what people don’t do?  Is FINISH.  Know what people don’t want to talk about?  Is how it got too tough.  It was too much.  And they just… quit.  

They quit!  

They quit on themselves!  

You’ve done that before!  You know exactly how it feels to stop even when you can see the finish line.

You know how that last push is what makes ordinary into extraordinary!  You know this!  

What is the problem then?

Where are you?  

Are you going to PUSH?  Well, guess what, Missy.  You better start PUSHING. I want to see you working.  You have got to get this done!”

And somehow, the powerhouse peptalk is over.

Then I get to it.

I re-evaluate my life, again.  I’m finding the way to make every dollar s-t-r-e-t-c-h to pull us out of debt faster.

I know that my family is counting on me.

My integrity matters.  I have to do my best.  Today.  Even when it’s hard and I just want to spend money and have an escape.  Even when whining sounds little a pretty fantastic option.

I will do my part to get through this swamp of debt.  Because I want to move forward.  I want to show people that it can be done.  I want to inspire others to get out of this!

But that will never happen until I’m out.  Until I have paid the price.  Literally as well as figuratively.

Until we are there.


4 Replies to “Whining doesn’t work”

  1. INCREDIBLE little journey through your head with you this morning!! THANK YOU!! I needed to hear it, too…pertaining to a big leap in business for me. I have just one complaint or request…please…always…capitalize the word “Girl”! 😉

    1. Good point. From now on, when I use the word, I’ll make sure to capitalize. Thank you. Wow, Kitty! I’m excited to see what is next for you! You have achieved so much already…I’m just excited for you!

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