Ep. 91 – Thanksgiving is Like Your Business.

Thanksgiving is Like Your Business. Five Secrets You Need to Know.

A year ago, I shared a post about how Thanksgiving is like Leadership.

Thanksgiving and Your Business
Thanksgiving and Your Business

But the more you dive into the makings of a happy holiday feast, the more you realize, Thanksgiving is like your Business.

Here are show notes explaining how to plan, shop, prepare, execute and enjoy a lovely holiday feast is a lot like running your business.

  1. No matter how well you plan, one thing can derail you how you respond says everything. You think you’ve got it covered- the full logistics. Find the less than obvious things. We thawed the turkey in the bathtub. Lesson learned: Turkey Thaw (Prep) Time. You cannot make up lost time. Be a turtle.  Keep moving forward.
  2. Multiple things are going at the same time. You don’t have to be there for each one.  Efficiency. Don’t crowd the oven. Set stations & spread it out.  Lesson learned: Set up stations. Structure the project with assembly line focus. Become efficient.
  3. The restriction of 1 oven held us back. Three tools allowed us to have multiple things cooked and ready at the same time.  Lesson learned:  Invest in the tools. You need to maximize your efforts and your time.
  • Ask these three questions before making your  next business purchase:
  • How often will I use this?
  • Can I use this tool for multiple projects?
  • Will I be using this in one year in my business?
  1. Dad can do the cranberry sauce. A child can stir while you add. (You take care of the big stuff you must take care of) Pass #2 & 3 priorities on to someone else.  Lesson learned: Delegate. Structure the project with assembly line focus. Become efficient.
  2. Sick kid: yes, even though you plan & make it work, somehow your kid can get sick. Just because. So we were in the InstaCare and late night pharmacy. This is real life. This is how life works. Lesson learned:  Something things you cannot control: health, sickness, the weather. Keep the important things important.  Your business does not overrule relationships.
  3. BONUS Secret:  Yes, you can. If you can plan, prepare & execute a Thanksgiving dinner- you can run a business. (The steps are far more apparent for a holiday dinner. Do your research.  Lesson learned: Believe in yourself. If you are having a hard time, know that I believe in you. You can do this.  You can create something.  Do it now.

Tell me now, what is your best holiday planning secret? 

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