For this, I am Thankful

The #ThankYouRev is in full swing!  Join us each Thursday from now until the end of 2015 to share what you’re grateful for, what you are learning and how your life is being fully enriched by focusing on what you are thankful for each week.


Here are the three things I am so grateful for this week.

My sweet, supportive family.

Although I love podcasting, blogging, being on Blab & connecting with people, and finding out more about them, my family has learned to fly solo while I’m at the computer.

Sometimes these conversations at the computer are in the evenings.  We have made the choice so that I can continue with this work- Dad is in charge.

Dad is doing so well.  I didn’t worry about it, but I did feel pulled in different directions.

They have done so well.  My husband keeps my little girl going, keeps to the routine.  Keeps her laughing. There are days where I know he is so very, very tired, but he handles things beautifully.

And never with any sort of complaint.  I am so very grateful for this!

My very full calendar.

For this, I am Thankful
For this, I am Thankful

A few years ago I was struggling to find my place.  I didn’t know where I fit in- in the regular routine of life, work, and family.

Know what I learned?  I didn’t fit in.  I had to create the life that I wanted to focus on my family, have a business, and lift others.  I feel so fulfilled in that capacity.

But it’s a lot of work.  A LOT.

This full schedule reminds me of what has been accomplished.  I look to my calendar every morning and have direction.  I haven’t had that in a long time.

Yes, I use paper notebook, similar to this one,  to calendar my events, projects, and ideas.  I find continuity in writing it down, thinking through the challenges, and making that plan go to work in my own mind.

Watching Disney Movies with Family.

No matter how old I get, taking an hour or so to watch a Disney movie is always a good idea.  Just yesterday we got all cozied up on the couch and watched Snow White.  When is the last time you saw that one?

Those 7 Dwarves were making my little girl giggle without stopping. For some reason, she has decided to call them “The cute little guys,” like they are her little buddies in her creative, imaginative mind.

That doesn’t get old.

I appreciate that time to watch a movie with family, turn off the world and enjoy the moment.  I’m grateful that the message sent is one that I can be confident is appropriate for my little girl and just relax.

These three things are what I am grateful for this week.

Tell me, what are your thankful for this week?


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