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Paul Sating, creator of multiple podcasts, shares his financial journey. He has retired from the military, has a full-time job, real estate income, and shares highs and lows through it all.

This is Temporary
This is Temporary

We discuss:

  • His wealth-building mentality & the mentors who walked him through the mechanics of finances.
  • The power of a 15-minute conversation to help his financial foundation.
  • The most important principle for him with finances is simply debt management.
  • Looking at debt can be overwhelming.
  • When it comes to debt:  “Mitigate then Eliminate.”
  • Learning the value of hard work in a farming community. His first job at $3 per hour, then working 3 jobs when he was 16.
  • How you make a goal about your finances so that you can live the life you really desire.
  • The sleeplessness that comes through having debt.
  • He owns 3 homes and is earning income from most of them.
  • When you are moving regularly, consider purchasing a home in each area. The housing market conditions can work for you or against you.
  • The housing decisions that have to be made as you move regularly, such as:  Buy or rent?  School zones to be considered?  On base housing or off base?
  • Re-financing helped him survive to ride out the housing market ups and downs.
  • How he chose a quality property manager?
  • After working overseas, he had a young family and hit a very low point financially.
  • How he was able to pull himself out of the low point to make ends meet financially.
  • Minimalism: He was a minimalist when he had to be.
  • The focus to make it through the financial struggle.
  • Money is important but is second to the relationships in his life.
  • How divorce turned his life & finances upside down.
  • How he struggled to put his children through a safe school.
  • “I did all the right things…and here I was, back at square one.  I had to get up, brush myself off, and start up again.”
  • “Sometimes the best step is to just start and go with it.”
  • “Stay focused on the end of the tunnel.”
  • He would rather have the life moments than driving the nice ride.
  • Money & marriage:  how it works for them:  She is carefree, he is disciplined.
  • His daily tracker/ how they counted the money.
  • Where does he keep the budget?
  • The validation moments.
  • The happy medium they have found as a couple in their financial journey.
  • The question that woke him up to enjoy life: “How much do you need to save before you are good?” 
  • Podcast Washington, how we connected.
  • Why he loves to podcast.  It’s his medium. “I can listen to who I want to when I want to.”
  • The Q. His podcast on Positive Humanism.  “Sometimes the questions are more important than the answers.”
  • His podcast is helping him be accountable to himself by focusing on the positive.
  • Atheist Apocalypse: a fictional comedy, an audio drama, talking about the end…
  • Enjoying the journey of creating.
  • “No matter where you are: the student loan debt, or credit card debt, this is temporary.  Stay disciplined, stay focused and keep at it.”
  • Make sure you have a reward periodically.  Something to keep you on track.

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