Ep. 92 – December, the Woman’s Marathon

December is easily the Woman’s “Other” Marathon.  We didn’t sign up for it got our cute bib and tracker at the race pickup…but we are in it.

The holidays are so much fun…and so much extra work.

December, the Woman's Marathon
December, the Woman’s Marathon

This time is so precious. You can easily run out of energy, zest, and enthusiasm if you’re not careful.

Enjoy your marathon, and set yourself up to WIN.

Holiday Extras Become Your Responsibility.

Lots of people want the extras.  You know, the beautifully wrapped gift, the home-baked goods, the handcrafted, personalized gift for people on their list.

That’s good.  That is not your responsibility to do it all.

Take care of yourself, girl, there are too many other depending on you.

Solution:  Get a team.  Involve others.  Ask for help.  Make a signup sheet for work. Let the older kids wrap presents with you… or don’t wrap at all!

Too Much Good Stuff.  Everywhere.

In the month when almonds…aren’t healthy almonds, that rich, decadent food can make you miserable.

Too much of anything is just too much.  So enjoy the goodies.  Just be wise.

Solution:  Drink your water. Decide your limits. Get a water tracking app.

Late Nights and Too Many Early Mornings.

Think of all the extra activities.  Choir concerts, piano recitals, and performances are found everywhere.  And the parties?  You’ve got work parties, ugly sweater parties, family parties, church group parties, kid’s parties, and the list goes on.

Oh yeah.  And real life needs to keep going on.  If you’re not watching it, sleep doesn’t seem to happen in December.

Solution: While it’s easy to say you’re going to bed on time.  Set yourself an alarm. Really.

Say no.  Even in December.

As a time management strategy, work to say no in December.  This is not the time to make a small project into something so BIG.  Simple is good.  Saying no can be even better sometimes.

Solution:  It’s time to focus on what really matters for your holiday.

Plan the Next Thing.

Your mind can trick you.  You may think that multi-tasking is helpful.  It’s not.  If you are at one activity, but completely disengaged with what is happening, you really aren’t there.

Try the 12-Minute List.  When you have those tiny pockets of time, write down all of those things you have coming up.  The shopping list, the one holiday errand to pick that gift up, the extra phone calls, write all of it down.  Then go to the party, the concert, the next thing and be all in.  You can completely give of yourself because the worries and stresses are recorded.  You’ll get to it.

As we get closer to the actual day, it’s not about writing it down, this exercise becomes my 12-Minute Tiny Tasks.  Use those same twelve minutes to do a couple of tiny tasks.  In that time, you can write a thank you card, wrap one gift, or start the next load of laundry.  This is how you make multitasking work.  You focus on the task for a quick couple of minutes then move to the next thing.

Solution: The power of the 12-minute timer can work wonders.

Make Time to Laugh.

With so much going on, the stress can quickly become too much.

Allow yourself time to laugh.  Send a gif. Really people watch while you are rushing through the store. (It’s fascinating.)

The power of laughter can dissolve frustration away.

Solution: Let yourself be in the moment.

Run your race and enjoy it.

Ep. 85 – 5 Easy Ways You Can Beat Stress Right Now

Hey Smart, Ambitious Woman, You Good?Beat Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

Speak the Lingo:

Here’s a term we should all know:  netiquette.

Yes, it’s really a word, meaning, the etiquette of the Internet; polite online behavior 

netiquette. (n.d.). The Dictionary of American Slang. Retrieved October 12, 2017 from Dictionary.com website http://www.dictionary.com/browse/netiquette

5 Easy Ways You Beat Stress Right Now

I see you. I hear you. You are busy.  You are serving.

Components of life:

  • Family
  • Faith
  • Finances
  • Fitness
  • Friends
  • Feed running

That’s running on normal autopilot.  What happens when that is overpowered by something else?

How can you take care of yourself while you are taking care of so many?

Try a couple.  When you find yourself in that moment, there’s a lot going on and you just need a break, take your 5-minutes. Because we need you.  We need you GOOD.

  • Have a drink of water. Your stress, headaches, muscle aches and more could simply be that you are dehydrated.
  • Take a bathroom break. Your body responds to your mind.
  • Listen & dance to one thing that makes you feel AMAZING.
  • Have a laugh. Really laugh. (Go to YouTube. Search for your favorite comedian. This is a great place to find a quick break. I really laughed at Oprah and Ellen talk about going to the bank.
  • Make list. Right now. Write it down. Get it out of your mind.
  • Call somebody. (Yes, you can fit a 5- minute call in.) They might think it’s weird. Tell them to listen to this podcast.
  • Breathe. Inhale. You can’t always exhale. (Brene Brown shares the story in Braving the Wilderness.)
  • Try a 5-minute meditation.  Find them for free on YouTube or other podcasts.


Ep. 79 – When You Absolutely Know You Have to Do It

Here’s What to Expect from Others.

This week I’ll share with you the real

When You Absolutely Know You Have to do it. Here's What to Expect from Others.
When You Absolutely Know You Have to do it. Here’s What to Expect from Others.

difference between passion and desire;what that Disneyland kid taught me; how you should prepare for the reaction of those around you when you absolutely know you have to do it.

Speak the Lingo

Today’s Leadership Lingo Term: Desire vs. Passion We often hear people use the term passion when really they just desire something. Desire comes and goes. Passion doesn’t let go. “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” –Oprah Winfrey

“You can’t fake passion.” –Barbara Corcoran

Today’s Focus

Everyone has that one thing they’ve been talking about doing. Some of us know people who never take the steps to make their dream come to fruition. On my email list, yes, I email them every day, we have been working through some kinks the month of April to make these people’s ideas become profitable business ideas.

When you absolutely know you have to do it. I share with you what I learned from the Disneyland kid. What you need to know about the phases other people go through trying to accept/understand your “crazy dream…”

They’ll say to you things like, (Each one of these a phase the people you love go through to accept the “new you” and your passion/project/big dream.)

  1. “This is so weird.” They don’t understand. It’s awful.
  2. “What? Are you serious about this?” They are kind of intrigued. They half-mock/half-listen.
  3. “Really? You want to do this?” Now they are interested. They start to listen to you.
  4. “How does that work?” Now they are entertained. They want to know your story.
  5. “Why does this matter? Or, Why didn’t I think of that?” They are enchanted. They love what you are doing. They are cheering you on in your journey.

“Don’t die with your music still in you.” — Wayne Dyer

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