Ep. 88 – What is the core value that Unites all Smart, Ambitious Women Here?

You know what a smart, ambitious looks like.

Core Value of Smart, Ambitious Women
Core Value of Smart, Ambitious Women

We love what she accomplishes.

We admire & respect her.

So why is it so hard to recognize the smart, ambitious woman in ourselves?

This is a tough concept we haven’t talked about enough.

Smart, ambitious women are so busy caring for others and reaching out to make a contribution to the world they can easily overlook themselves.

So today let’s break it down.

5 Strengths Smart, Ambitious Women Exhibit

All smart, ambitious women have 5 strengths that are innately part of who they are.

These women:

  1.  Believe in themselves.
  2.  Plan to succeed.
  3.  Have the heart to serve & to teach.
  4.  Finish the job.
  5.  Epitomize “aggressive consistency.”

These are strengths that we can all work on.  It is this inner grit that makes us stand out.

But there is more to it.

We will dig into each of these qualities in future episodes.  There is lots of good stuff coming with this!

The Value that Unites All Smart, Ambitious Women

Allow me to share my delayed jury duty experience.

It hit me how important this is when another juror looked right at me and said,”Motherhood is hardship.”

The value that unites us is family.

Family is our top priority.  The family is our full focus.

Family is our place of happiness.

The smart, ambitious women I work with demonstrate the value of family many ways.

Smart, Ambitious Women Understand Their Role

If there was one thing that shines through withe learning from these women, it is simply this.

There is a role in your family situation that only you fulfill.  And you value your place in that role.

This is what I love about you.

And this is where I come into this puzzle.

I teach business, marketing and how to increase your bottom line…so that you can fulfill that very important role in your family.

Behind my family and my faith, this is my life’s purpose.

As a smart, ambitious woman, money should not control what you are able to accomplish in life.

You Have a Business.  I Can Help You Succeed so You Have More Time With Family.

Let’s get your business thriving. This is what I love to do.

Let’s make it happen now.

Email me directly and let’s get you on the right track.  amy@thinkenriched.com

Ep. 72 – The 5 Most Important People in Your Life

The 5 Most Vital People in your Life


Today’s focus:

The 5 Most Vital People in your Life
The 5 Most Vital People in your Life

This quote from Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Read this quote from Charlie “Tremendous” Jones:   “You are the same today you’ll be in five years except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read.”

The 5 people you choose to spend time with are VITAL to your success.

  • V- Values
  • I- Intellect/ Initiative
  • T- Talent/ Time
  • A- Assured/ Affirming
  • L- Listener & Loyal

Check out this article from Entrepreneur.

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The 80/20 rule in money & relationships

The 80/20 rule has impacted businesses, financial growth and organizations around the globe.  That is, that 80% of your revenue comes from  20% of your work force.  When you focus on what’s working you have even more success in business.  But what about your daily life?

Have you considered how the 80/20 rule works in your life?  Are you spending your money in the way you want?  And, perhaps more importantly, are  you spending your time with the people you want?

80-20 Rule in Money & Relationships
80-20 Rule in Money & Relationships

Let’s evaluate the 80/20 rule in our own lives.

In this podcast episode we discuss:

  • The Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule.
  • Defining the 20/30/50 rule.
    • 50% of your income goes to the fixed costs: rent, utilities, food (groceries), and clothes
    • 20% goes to the future costs:  pay off debt, investments, savings, emergency fund and retirement.
    • 30% fun costs:  (lifestyle) cell phone, cable, internet, movie nights, date nights, gym memberships, travel
  • February’s challenge is about relationships.  The way we build relationships is shown by how we spend our time.
  • 80% of our time is spent with people you have to spend time with (co-workers, classmates)
  • 20% of our time is spent with people you choose to spend time with (how are we showing our loved ones)
  • How are you spending 20%of your time that you want to spend time with?

How do you Think Enriched

  • What does it mean to Think Enriched?  It’s not all puppy dogs and rainbows.  
  • To Think Enriched is not naive positivity.  It is not blind faith.
  • Find ways to spend just 10% focusing on the problems and challenges that you face regularly and 90% of the time figuring out solutions.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Money, Time & Energy. Your limited resources.

My interview with Tiffany Han

Please meet Tiffany Han, host of Raise Your Hand Say Yes, and my former coach.  She shares her powerful money story with us today.  We talk in depth about how to focus on changing your behavior, how to move forward and what our real limited resources are.

She is one amazing human!

Tiffany Han on Think Enriched
Tiffany Han on Think Enriched

Today we discuss:

  • Her money story.  How she ignored it until she had communion with money.
  • To welcome money & abundance in her life, she set 2015 as the year to fall in love with money.
  • She had a once a month “Money Love Day.”
  • Tiffany made it a positive experience going through the books.
  • How to make the budget match your real life. What is on paper needs to find the system that works for you.
  • Finding someone else’s system is a great place to start.  Build on that and make it work for you.
  • Tiffany’s parable of the planners.
  • The power of baby steps to make progress.  The “needs vs. wants” dilemma.
  • [clickToTweet tweet=”It’s uncomfortable? So what. Move on. @thetiffanyhan @itsamyrobles” quote=”It’s uncomfortable? So what. Move on. “]
  • The awareness of the lack of habit makes you uncomfortable.  The shame, emotion & guilt can hold you back.
  • Self-talk affects eeeeverything.
  • [clickToTweet tweet=”Self-talk affects eeeeeverything. @thetiffanyhan @itsamyrobles” quote=”Self-talk affects eeeeeverything.”]
  • Creativity brings blessings, but you don’t have to believe that voice in your head.  You choose what you listen to and how to move forward.
  • Say to yourself, “I wonder what would happen if…”
  • Just get curious.
  • How do you know when you are ready to work with a coach:  Recognize what you need will help you find the right person.
  • Be willing to ask for help & be vulnerable.
  • It’s okay to be uncomfortable, it means you’re making progress.
  • Decide how you want to spend your money and get really deliberate.
  • Money, Time & Energy: these are the available resources.
  • Start today.  Do something NOW.  Anything you can do now will make your life better down the road.
  • “A year ago you’ll wish you started today.”
  • It’s not scary.  It’s just numbers.
  • You get to decide who has the power.
  • It’s uncomfortable?  So what.  Move on.
  • Whatever it is, do that.  Those things that make you feel empowered will transcend into other areas of your life.

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