Money Can Crush Your Creativity. Here’s How to Beat It.

Money can crush your creativity.

Not that money is crushing.  But the fear, the stress, and all the frustration that can come from money can be overwhelming.Mindfully Alive Retreat

I used to be right there.  Counting every penny.  Stressing if we were going to make it.

No one wants to experience the anxiety of wondering, even though you are okay today…will you be okay tomorrow?

Creativity isn’t the only thing that suffers.  Relationships get difficult. And the self-talk…Ugh.  The worst.

Have you felt that?

This is the topic we dive deeply into at the Mindfully Alive Retreat.

Here’s the trailer for our conversation.

What Is The Mindfully Alive Retreat

My friend, Julie Merrett, artist, Occupational Therapist and coach, is offering something to combat that. I’m honored to be a featured speaker, alongside other experts, and we’re coming together to give you our advice on becoming unblocked and living mindfully so you can create more than ever.

You’ll walk away with the clarity you need to effectively make the changes that lead to your freedom and fulfillment.

Julie has experienced firsthand the struggle to leave her secure job, start her own business and make a living as an artist. She struggled for 12 years to make that leap, and now, she runs a successful creative coaching practice supporting new creative entrepreneurs and sells her art internationally.

When you go to the Mindfully Alive Retreat and sign up to join us, you’ll learn which steps to take now to be mindfully creative and manage your stress so you get the freedom you want and deserve

Join The Conversation

When you sign up for the Mindfully Alive Retreat, you’ll be able to see the complete conversation.  I share a lot of what was going on for me, and how my family was struggling because of my personal money stress.

Some of what we talk about are a few ideas of how artists can start making money quickly.  Today.

That can be useful for creative businesswomen, like us, getting our business started.

Join us at the Mindfully Alive Retreat.

And shine on!


3 Reasons why Courage is Key to Your Success

3 Reasons Why Courage is the Key to Your Success
3 Reasons Why Courage is the Key to Your Success

You’ve got fantastic ideas!  You are really create something.  You want to share it with the world.

This is wonderful news!

However, I’ve got to tell you, my friend, that without some courage you are going to struggle.  Business is hard enough- you can expect some struggles along the way, without courage you can expect  a lot more.

Whether you’re a Disney fan or not, there’s about 14 seconds you need to see.  I’ve got it right here for you.

Yes, it’s tough to make decisions.

If there was one thing that building a business has taught me, it’s that  having courage is the key. Being kind makes you stand out.

You are a woman with dreams.  Believing in yourself is an excellent start.  Getting yourself worked up inside guides your emotions.  Now it’s time to step forward.  And that, my dear, takes tremendous courage.

Courage is your key to success

Ready to breakthrough?  To make anything new happen, you need to follow four steps.  First, make a commitment. Then have courage and move forward. Third, as you move forward you develop skills so you are capable. Finally, that brings confidence.

Dan Sullivan explains it so clearly in this video

1.  You make a commitment.

Courage is the key to your success
Courage is the key to your success

2.  That builds about courage.

3. Which leads to capability.

4.  And that builds your confidence.

Nothing happens without courage to step forward and try.  Bobby Flay, Ina, or any famous chef did not make a world-renowned meal  on the first try.  He or she started with courage.  Trying and making, probably some pretty gross food.  The courage to try is what kept them moving forward.

There’s not one famous ball player who didn’t start with courage to try. Not one photographer, politician, or famous singer became who they are without courage.

It all starts with courage. Think of your favorite star, performer, writer, painter, business mind. Everything you want to achieve starts with courage.

Your life, your focus, your step forward starts with courage.

Anything you want to achieve starts with courage.

Here are three reasons why you need to use that courage today.

Your tribe needs  your voice.  Your real voice.

You are a leader.  We’ve talked about that. If it’s  family, work group, students, or people in your daily routine, that’s leading.

Time to own it.

Enjoy the fact that you have others looking to you for insight. Then use your courage to give them inspiration, guidance, and to do better.

Your tribe, like Seth Godin teaches in his powerful book, needs you.  The real you.

Not some over-polished, matchy-matchy outfits on our way to the latest fitness craze. But you.

It’s okay to say you’re nervous.  It’s okay to be vulnerable.  Keep leading.  Keep stepping out in courage and share.

Taking small risks is the only way to move to even bigger ones.

Business owners don’t just start out building a massive business conglomerate.  Unless they’re in a movie. Or a trust fund brat.  For the rest of us though, that’s not even real life.

What is real life is starting that business you’ve dreamed about for years.  Think of it now.  Does your dream have perfectly designed window frames with the right paint color highlighting the perfect tone on the couch?  Or perhaps your dream is being the doula to help women through that painful, miserable, glorious, miraculous experience of childbirth.

Whatever it is… starting your own business takes courage.

Be it a lemonade stand, your Etsy shop, or teaching a class at the community center, step into it.  Write it down. See the plan, design, mission, you want to bring to the world in your own handwriting.

The only way you’ll step forward to bigger things is to start.

And you can’t start without courage.

If you are not moving forward, you are falling back.

We, as humans, are constantly changing.  We are growing or declining.  It’s a simple fact.

If we choose not to grow and push ourselves to become more, we have chosen to decline.

Scary thought.

If you are not progressing, you are falling back from where you are right now.

The secret then is to find a new challenge, a new adventure, a new piece of art to create and move forward.

And that takes courage.

No more focusing on fear.

As you continue through the process of creating your new business, creative endeavor, or project, eliminate the word fear.  No more focusing on fear.

Rather, consider courage.  Tell yourself you have courage.  Really, do it.  Trust this process.

When things get tough think to yourself, “I have courage.  I can do this.”

Before you do your first presentation or webinar, say, “There’s plenty of courage for this! Let’s go.”

If you are feeling self-conscious before a networking event, as you walk in remind yourself, “This isn’t about me.  It’s about learning from others.  I’m courageous enough to smile and be open.”

Trust yourself and you are on your way.


Blogiversary giveaway. One Year Together.

A year ago today, I hit that publish button for the first time on WomanEnriched.  The panic feeing when I hit that was INTENSE.  And guess what?  People are much, much more supportive than I ever realized.

Our First Blogiversary.  And a giveaway.
Our First Blogiversary. And a giveaway.

As a thank you, I want to give 5 of you 20 bucks to Amazon.  Have you seen a new nail polish you love?  Got a great book you’ve been wanting to read?  I hope you win!  The form is listed below to be entered.

Even though it’s been a quick year, I’ve shared over 160 posts, started a podcast, (realized it just wasn’t the right thing…so took it down), currently launching a new podcast, created a MeetUp, went to a conference, been introduced and have reached out learned some seriously cool lessons.

My life has changed.  It has been an incredible ride!

Blogging is super inspiring and a lot of hard work.  I’m surprised how often people ask me questions to help them get their blog going. So to celebrate our first year together, I have a couple of tips for you and a giveaway!

Just start

Blog Tips.  Lessons Learned from a Year on this Crazy Ride
Blog Tips. Lessons Learned from a Year on this Crazy Ride

You want to live a more Enriched Life.  That’s why you come here.  You want a better handle on your finances.  I get it.  That’s why I started this.

Whatever it is you’re thinking about, quit thinking and START.

Take 20 minutes today, just get started.

20 minutes.  It can also be referred to as the Pomodoro Technique.  You can figure that time out.  If you have toddlers at home, nap time is perfect for this.  Or give your kids a chance to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and you’ll have a full 18 minutes of quiet time to make it go.

And then again tomorrow.  And if you don’t tomorrow, give it 20 minutes the next day.

I get it. It’s hard to say it out loud while you’ve got so many other things going on in life. You can’t even imagine squeezing one more thing into life.  I was right there, too.

But you can.  And you SHOULD.

Do it, girl.  You’ll be so happy you did.

When you are ready, tell me, so I can follow your journey and cheer you on in your Enriched Life!

Be real

There’s nothing more gross than reading a blog that writes like an expert is supposed to write.

Reading those blogs sounds like, “I think I’m supposed an expert.”

It doesn’t work.  People see right through it.

A good blog is about the process.  The word they use is in the industry is Authentic. Be authentic.  It’s been used so much it sounds less than authentic.

Know what I’ve learned this year?  The more real you are about “How scary” something is, the more people understand.  The more you are transparent and genuine you are about your journey/ process/ project that you are taking on the quicker people are to trust you.

And blogging is all about trust.

Clearly, there’s a fine line between being vulnerable and being whiny because life is hard.  But honesty in your journey builds tremendous trust with your readers, which I much prefer to call friends.

Huh…kind of like life.

Make it visual.

Reading your words is good, but your audience wants to know more.  When you put visuals on your blog-they are able to see how your mind works.  What is the image that you are projecting in your message?

Are you into pastels?  You know, those relaxing, serene images?  I love to look at those- but that’s not quite how my mind works.  It brings a calming effect to my life.

But my mind works in colors.  Bold colors.  Those vibrant tones that make you say, “Wow.  So cool.” in my mind.  I try to share that in the images I share to keep people involved in what is going on in my mind and in our financial journey.

So be sure to show and tell your story with the world.

Keep working. Even when you’re not blogging.

Here’s a big thing they don’t tell you- you’re just supposed to figure out.

Blogging isn’t just about blogging.  You can write the greatest stuff on the internet and if NOBODY knows about it- you’re not going anywhere.

Blogging is about writing, sure.  It’s also about CONNECTION.

This might be my favorite part of the work.  You write, share, and connect with others online and then keep moving forward.  You learn how to support other bloggers/ content creators in their journey and somehow, it comes back to you.

I enjoy doing this part through different social media channels, live meetings, Skype calls or Google hangouts.  When you can have a conversation with someone and find out that they are the same person as they are online it really builds trust and helps you increase your success.

I’m amazed at how it grows and, because of the connections you’ve made, you will be able to keep reaching new audiences.

It’s the Hustle

Finally, it’s about hustle.

I’ve heard Will Smith say, “You will not outwork me.”  That’s how a great blogger thinks.

You are persistent. Relentless.  Disciplined to a point that people wonder if you’re obsessed.  You’re not obsessed, you are focused.  You know you the work you have to do and you keep at it.

You have to be willing to write when you don’t want to write.  Be creative even though you’re not in the mood.

Life doesn’t stop just because you’re not in the mood.

Keep working, girl.  Because when people start to notice you, and they will, they come FAST.  Opportunities start pouring in, people see you success and they want to be part of it.

Then you have to choose.

But that’s a whole different lesson.

So let’s celebrate!  Answer a couple of questions, follow me on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll be entered to win.

Can’t wait to tell you who wins!

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Don’t wish it were easier

One of my most favorite quotes is by Jim Rohn.

Don't wish it were easier.
Quote from Jim Rohn

It applies to that big challenge you’re looking at.  It applies to all of life.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

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If you’re struggling with money, relationships, challenges in life, remember- you are definitely growing.  If you are concerned with the health of a family member, the challenge of a loved one, that shows your compassion.

You are doing something difficult today.

Know what that means?

You’re learning.

You’re growing.

You are progressing.

And you will be better for it.