Big money goals? Don’t worry, you will get there.

This weekend getting to Podcast Movement was one crazy journey.  After checking in my bags at our airport, the clerk gave me a series of commands on how to get to the gate.  It wasn’t just down the hall, it involved waaay too many steps.  He looked at my confused face, slowed down and said, “Don’t worry.  Just keep at it. You’ll get there.”

Big Money Goals? Keep at it. You'll get there.
Big Money Goals? Keep at it. You’ll get there.

That quick act of kindness was so unexpected and genuine, that it made me stop and think about it.  Even now, several days later.

Kind of like you.

And me.

We are on a journey to figure out the money and make it work smoothly for how it can be used for my life. I am talking about finance, thinking about money management strategies, reading about it… a lot.

But sometimes, we don’t need another tactic to try, a coupon strategy to employ, or an app that will help solve the problem of daily budgeting, we  just need  a little encouragement.

You, and I, work relentlessly on our goals, where we are headed and what’s in front of us- that we may forget to stop and look how far we’ve come.

My dear friend, Steve Stewart, at Money Plan SOS (excellent podcast, by the way…definitely worth your time) posts every month how close he is to having his debt paid off.  He has inspired me with the number each month.

Kind of like this…


Sometimes, a hand on your shoulder telling you, “Hey buddy, I see you working hard.  Keep at it. You got this,” is the best thing that could happen.

Like that ultra cool gate clerk said to me at the airport, today I’m telling you.

To you, the Mom wondering how to make dinner on this week’s budget and still make sure the final bills go through this week,

Don’t worry.  You are working hard at this.  Keep at it, girl. You’ll get there.

To that kid just out of college, getting set up for the future career but wondering, “How on earth am I gonna get through that mountain of student loan debt just to create this better life?”

Don’t worry.  Make your plan, stick with it, buddy. Then stick with it.  Even on the tough days.   You’ll get there.

To the guy who has been paying off student loans while trying to keep the family afloat and so, so sick and tired of seeing the balances slowly diminish along the way…

Have peace, my friend.  Keep at it, man. You are doing good things.  You’ll get there.

To the one who is still working hard on all those tiny details to get all the finances in order, streamline your system so you can give yourself a break…

I get it. I was there.  Keep on.  You’ll get there.

And to you, the one, just looking at all that debt, wondering if it’s even worth a try to take a stab at it….and yet, so scared what you might find…

Don’t worry.  Just start.  Keep at it.  Sure, it will be hard at first, but it gets easier.  Much easier.  You’ll get there.

And if you just want to get some insight and non-judgmental perspective from someone who was exactly where you are, let’s talk.  Here’s my email:



Faithful Finances 101

Sometimes while you’re working toward a major goal, things start happening faster than you expected.

And when you’ve done all that you can do, fortune takes over.

Faithful Finances 101
Faithful Finances 101:
Why Faith matters when getting out of debt.

Some call it karma. Others call it the Universe.  Or it’s a “living in an abundance” mentality.  Some say it’s because the Vision Board on the wall manifested it. Or it’s “The Big Cowboy in the Sky.”  I call him my Heavenly Father.

Whatever you choose to call it, having faith, or a belief that somehow things are going to go your way, makes a tremendous difference in getting out of debt.

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You know we’ve been working on becoming debt free.  You know that we are learning to be disciplined and share all that we’re learning with you.  The past couple of weeks we’ve been given powerful reminders of how things start working in your favor!

How to add a spiritual element to your financial bottom line in six easy steps.

  1. Set the goal.
  2. Talk about it.  Pray about it.  Put it out in the universe.
  3. Get to work.  Work like it’s all on you.
  4. Be more giving than ever before to those around you. And be ready to receive when fortune comes your way.
  5. As blessings or fortune arrive, be more grateful than ever.
  6. Rinse and repeat.  (Set new goal and start the process over.)

These are incidents that just happened to us.  I share them with you only to tell you that you can have great things happen in your life.  Miracles can happen when you put all your trust in Him and work like it’s all on you.  He will help you be in the right place at the right time to receive.  And then, be so very grateful.  I want you to get out of debt as quickly as you can to have the freedom to breathe and then help others have that, too.

So let me break it down.

The Student Loan Letter

Student loans are all we have left of our debt.  We’ve been working on  getting our debt completely gone, sharing all that we are learning with friends, and moving forward with our goals. (Steps 1-4.)

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from one of my student loans saying, (please read this is your “official and dignified important papers voice” for full impact.) And I quote:

[Your student loan company] …is please to inform you that you have qualified for a rebate fo 10% of your outstanding principal balance associated with this loan.  This rebate has already been posted to your account thereby decreasing your outstanding principal balance. Since interestes charges accrue daily, you will pay less intereste over the life of the loan…

Well, like anyone I didn’t believe them.  So I called.  After a series of security questions that I usually don’t remember, I was told that because we have had made 48 current payments, they had taken a total of $497.66 off the principal!  That’s an extra month or two of payments just swiped away!

Wow!  What?  I had never heard of any student loan doing that before.  Is that a regular practice?  Not that I know of.

Thank you, karma!

Found through Friends

You may not know that I’m a planner.  Total planner.  So when we arrived at swim lessons this week and told they were canceled due to spring break, I was shocked.  How could I not know this?

But karma has a way of taking over when you least expect it.

We’ve been a one-car family for nearly two years now.  And through this year, twice a week on preschool days, we drop Dad off to work.  Usually that [5:30]AM that we load up for the morning commute.  Sometimes that has been [4:30]AM.  And days with a three-year-old that has been up since [4:30] in the morning are some very long days.

Next year we’ll have preschool more often during the week. I’ve been praying to find a car for our family that will still allow us to stay on our budget.

And boy, has Heavenly Father been listening.

As we were leaving the building a friend called.  This is a good friend.  But, as life happens sometimes, we have both gotten so busy with life and hadn’t been in touch much.  So I was surprised to see her number on my phone. A rushed hello,  and the call turned straight to business.

Faithful Finances
Faithful Finances

“Amy, I think I found your car.”


“Our neighbor’s selling his car.  It’s and ’04 and has some miles on it. But it’s only $350. ”


“Yes, it’s going to go fast so if you want, I’ll run to the bank and have my husband hold it- then you can pay us back.”

“Oh no, girl.  Let me talk to my husband, I’ll call you right back.”

After the typical: “Should we/ shouldn’t we?  It could be a beater car.  But we would just need it for the back and forth to work commute. Let’s go look…” kind of convo,  I called back 1 minute later.

“Girl, we’re coming right now.”

We were parked right in front of an ATM. My husband grabbed the cash &  we drove the block over to see the vehicle.  My friend was waiting outside and her husband was with the owner, marking their territory.

Our husbands, both mechanical guys, checked out the car. Thoroughly.  The owner told us it’s been sitting in the driveway for about 5 months.  The gave the battery a quick charge and had it running in no time.  The owner showed them a couple of spots that will need a little work.  He explained that his family was moving in a couple days and they just needed to have the car gone.  As they were going through the details of the car, three different buyers drove up interested in making the purchase.

But we were there.  We paid $350 cash for a car.

After a few minutes, papers were signed, the title was received and we were on our way.

Kelley Blue Book valued the car between $2200-$2700.  We paid $350 cash for that car.

The next day it was licensed, registered, & insured.  Paid with cash.  We had followed steps 1-4 in our lives.

We paid $350 cash for a car.

How does that happen?

How Faith Works in the Finances

So, quick review.  So many things had to be in place for the car purchase to take place.  I messed up on the schedule for swim lessons, otherwise we would have been a half hour or more later and missed it.

  • I messed up on the schedule for swim lessons, otherwise we would have been a half hour or more later and missed it.
  • We were parked right in front of the ATM.
  • We had the cash already saved up in our Auto Maintenance/Tires account.
  • We were there in minutes. (The right place at the right time.)

Here’s how to add a spiritual element to your financial bottom line.

  1. Set the goal.
  2. Talk about it. Pray about it.  Put it out in the universe.
  3. Get to work.  Work like it’s all on you.
  4. Be more giving than ever before to those around you.  And be ready to receive when fortune comes your way.
  5. As blessings or fortune arrive, be more grateful than ever.
  6. Rinse and repeat.

Faith in the finances makes all the difference.

How has faith impacted your financial situation?