Ep. 121 – Self-Respect in Your Life

Smart, ambitious women understand the importance of self-respect. This affects every aspect of your life. How do you build self-respect? When do you know you have it? That’s what we discuss on this Monday Maxim.

Self- Respect in Your Life
Self- Respect in Your Life

Remember Lean on Me, the movie of the New Jersey high school principal, Joe Clark?  He’s sharing some insight today on your Monday Maxim.

This your mental Vitamin B. Each Monday I share a little motivation & insight to start the week. You’ve got a lot of people depending on you. There is big work for you to do. So here’s a maxim for you, the smart, ambitious woman, to help you SHINE.

Self-respect permeates every aspect of your life.  – Joe Clark

I lived in New Jersey for nearly a couple years.  That’s where I learned to speak Spanish. That area, Paterson, New Jersey, is where I was assigned as a missionary for my church.

Our local congregation’s leader lived right around the corner from Eastside High School in Paterson.  First, Crazy Joe had to kick out the drugs and problems and focus on those who were coming to school to learn.

This is a perfect lesson for each of us today.

Kick out the stuff that doesn’t belong.  Focus on the good.

The respect you give yourself is the same respect that others give you.

How do you start to give yourself respect?  You earn it.

Self-Respect Starts With Being Dependable

If you say you are going to get up when the alarm rings, do it.  Don’t hit snooze.  Get your feet on the floor and walk. It feels great once that warm shower hits your body.

When you don’t get up in the morning, you are telling yourself, with your actions, that you cannot be depended upon.  And you will respond as you think.  It’s not about just getting up in the morning, it’s about telling yourself you will do exactly what you planned to do.

You are selling yourself to you. Before anyone else knows about it.

Confidence Comes from Committing to Yourself

When you make a commitment to your family, friends, or work, you know that job will be completed.  That’s what makes you a smart, ambitious woman.

What about you?  If you tell yourself you are going to exercise at 7:30 pm, but someone needs your help… you push it aside, don’t you?  Of course, you have.  No more.  You can tell your family & friends, “Look, I will happily help you, but first, I’m going to do this…” then walk out the door, they may be stunned.  But they know you are serious.  The people in your life aren’t taking you seriously because you don’t take yourself seriously.

Kick Out the Junk

It’s spring here in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m on a spring cleaning high!  I love getting rid of all the junk that has accumulated over the winter…(Where did all of that stuff come from, anyway???)  What is left is space to move and breathe.  A better environment for all of us here.

It’s the same with your habits.  You may have collected a few that are holding you back.  You know it’s time.  Replace those habits with healthier ones and see how those tiny steps add up to big changes in your life.

When you know that you can depend on yourself, that you are making (and keeping) consistent commitments to yourself, and you eliminate that junk in your life… you will have gained a self-confidence like never before.  A quiet, internal, powerful self-respect which builds even more tremendous self-confidence.

Tell me in the comments below: How do you work on your self-respect?

Self-Respect for the Smart, Ambitious Woman

Self-respect.  It only comes from within.  No one can give it to you.

Self-Respect Required
Self-Respect Required

But how do you know if you have it?

And, how do you get more?

That’s what this Monday Maxim is all about.

Today’s Monday Maxim

This your mental Vitamin B. Each Monday I share a little motivation & insight to start the week. You’ve got a lot of people depending on you. There is big work for you to do. So here’s a maxim for you, the smart, ambitious woman, to help you SHINE.

More Self-Respect
More Self-Respect

“No man who is occupied doing a very difficult thing, and doing it very well, ever loses his self-respect.”  – George Bernard Shaw

As smart, ambitious women, we can get in our own way of having a healthy amount of self-respect.  We only see what we haven’t accomplished, rather than what gets done.

Consider what you go through in a day:

  • Taking care of others
  • Keeping the house clean & in order
  • Ensuring proper nutrition & exercise is taken care of for you & yours
  • Work responsibilities
  • Church responsibilities
  • Volunteer & Civic duties

This is the list when everything is going right. You do so much on autopilot that you haven’t taken a moment to evaluate how much that is.

When Things Are Difficult

What about when it’s not going right?  How do you get things in order?

Many women who are so excited and want to do something different. But when they turn around and look they just see a mess. How do you get things in order?

Lucille Ball once said, “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

That is the missing piece here. There’s a lot of times where you see that the house is a mess, laundry is not caught up and you’ve got to do all of these different things and your cousin still needs that help and your support.

And you still have got to go take care of this and all of these things.

Start with just making sure you’re clear you know and you make the checklist of what has to happen each day and you continue and move forward.  That’s how you ensure that you have even more to give to others is taking that 15 minutes of personal self-care.

Self-Care: the Best Productivity Secret

Maybe self-care for you is writing in your journal. Maybe it’s clicking on YouTube and watching that old episode of the show that you haven’t watched in 20 years that used to make you laugh so stinking hard.

Whatever it is that quick time helps you to get things in order because you are filled up.

You are taking care of you feel rejuvenated refreshed that you have even more to give to those around you. That is the best productivity secret that I have heard that nobody talks about self-respect. Taking care of yourself.

Making sure that you are on your calendar will save you hours and hours of time. To really love yourself is to really make sure that you are respecting, appreciating, and loving what is noble and good and those parts of you that sometimes we hide from the world.

To really love yourself, you must:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Start appreciating what makes you even more of YOU.
  • Start finding ways to be more of yourself amidst the craziness of the world.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You’ve just got to stop comparing yourself to others. You’re not even here to be just like somebody else. So why are you trying to do it, right?

I’m sick of magazines that tell you to, “Follow these seven steps and you’ll be able to do this perfectly…” because maybe you’re not supposed to do that. I have just learned that even though I love in the kitchen it doesn’t mean everything I cook is gonna be something beautiful. All I could tell you some stories.

Start appreciating those things that make you who you are. For example, I love to think of these random little ideas fun and creative ideas of a way to give someone a gift or a way to know just these little things that I never thought was a talent that is really something I love and it makes me laugh and giggle and when I share it with other people I can just see them laughing and giggling and enjoying that. And I just loved having that part of my life.

Find Your Things, Build More Self-Respect

Find those things for you. Start appreciating that part of you,  then seek out ways to be more you amid a sea of this sameness. That’s how you start loving appreciating yourself. That’s how you start ensuring that rich self-respect and being able to get through that massive list of things that only you, that smart ambitious woman can get done.

Tell me in the comments below, How have you built more self-respect in your own life?