Priorities? Try Your Big, Burning Yes

Priorities can really get confused in the course of a regular day.

Your Big, Burning YES
Your Big, Burning YES

Yes, you want to help with the PTA…or the neighbor’s situation…or the mountain of laundry.

Stephen Covey’s writing makes things clear for me. His book,  7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is one I recommend often.

I was going through some old files and found one of my favorite quotes.

“You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage – pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically – to say ‘no’ to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger ‘yes’ burning inside.” ~Stephen Covey
Have the courage to pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically – to say ‘no’ to other things.
So hard.
You are the one they call when someone needs help on the project. They know they can depend on you. You always come through.

You love coming through to help others…it’s part of what makes you shine.

So how you do you find the balance between the two?

The key is simply this: You have to know the bigger YES burning inside you.

This is self-care. This is understanding that your needs matter, too.  It’s being able to serve the community while making yourself a priority.

Find Your Big, Burning YES

When you don’t know your own priorities, other people put their priorities on you.  Pretty soon you find yourself doing this you don’t really want to do… to make someone happy that’s not that important to you…and you start to resent them.  And the situation.  And your whole diggity-dog-dang-life.
I know, that sounds extreme.  But it happens like that.
So what’s your big, burning YES?

That’s not a question we ask often enough.  Once you know that big, burning YES you can easily say no to the other things pleasantly, and with a smile.

How do you get to that?

No one will give it to you.  Like all great things in your life, the work comes from within.

Yes, it’s time to look into your heart.  That’s not a bad thing.  The world teaches us that we should over-intellectualize our lives.

I completely disagree.

Great answers come from the heart.

An Exercise for You

On the notes section of your phone (or your journal if you’re old school like me,) (or your Bullet Journal because you’re new school like the cool kids,) put in






This should be simple.

Then, and this is important, place them in order.

Here’s what mine looks like:

1. My faith.

2. My family + close friends.

3. My health + self-care (taking the time to exercise + eat right.)

4. My business + making a contribution (serving.)

5. Other seasonal projects.

Numbers 1, 2, and 3 can rotate in top position. But only for a quick season. They are the core of my life and intertwine.

My list hasn’t always looked like that.  I thought all those other projects were important, too.  Sometimes my family would suffer because I was working on other tiny projects.

Getting to my top 5 has helped me focus in and give even more to each.

Now make your list. Put in the time and think about all those things that require your attention during the week.

I’d love to hear what you learned from this experience.

Why This Matters to You Today

When you are completely clear on what you need to accomplish, you have a chance to excel.

When you know your top 5, you’re the magnifying glass in the sunshine.  You concentrate all the heat and sun’s energy and become the laser beam of heat and energy.

In that kind of intense, concentrated energy your priorities light up.  Some would say they start to burn. You’ve created your big, burning yes.

If you don’t decide, you’ll be working on someone else’s big, burning yes.

The choice is yours. Set your top 5 now.

And then…let yourself SHINE.

Shine on.


Ep. 76 – How You Can Appreciate Your Body Right Now, with Megan Dowd

Part of living your RICH Life is appreciating where your body is right now. In this special interview, we have Megan Dowd with us.  Her vibrant energy & information will really be something special for you! 

How You Can Appreciate Your Body Right Now
How You Can Appreciate Your Body Right Now

Speak the Lingo:

Today’s Leadership Lingo Term: Self-Care

“Self-care is a very active and powerful choice to engage in the activities that are required to gain or maintain an optimal level of overall health. And in this case, overall health includes not just the physical, but the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual components of an individual’s well-being.”

  1. Physical Self-Care: Sleep, Counting calories, Exercise
  2. Psychological Self-Care: Avoiding negative self-talk, prescriptions,
  3. Emotional Self-Care: Dealing with emotions, grieving, depression, anxiety
  4. Social Self-Care: Be with those you love.Talking through conflict, addressing emotional needs of others
  5. Spiritual Self-Care: Faith and meaning in life, meditation, walks,

We all need to make self-care a priority.  As women we can set the standard to

Today’s focus:

I’m excited to share with you our interview with Megan Dowd.

Meet Megan Dowd
Meet Megan Dowd

Megan Dowd is a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor in Matwork and Reformer, Levels 1 & 2, which means she’s spent a lot of time in both the classroom AND studio to learn how to adapt this work to all bodies. Bodies are weird, wonderful, and AMAZING – yours included – and her work centers around helping you feel greater control and grace in your body RIGHT NOW. She loves to cook (and eat), bakes when she gets stressed out, and regularly goes for walks in the historic graveyard near her apartment (to be clear, there are miles of walking paths so she’s not just wandering the headstones…).

On this episode, our special guest, Megan Dowd, speaks on the importance of Mind-Body connection, appreciating yourself now, and the power of self-care. We discuss:

  • Mind-Body Connection and how it matters to us.
  • Love your body.  You may look to a body coach.
  • Your muscles store emotional memory.
  • Fitness instructors struggle too.
  • Little things that make a power impact on your life.
  • Embrace the evolution.

Megan is ready to show you how to do 3 Stretches in Bed!  Go to to get it.

As a bonus, Megan is offering you a 25% discount on your first session!

Find Megan online:

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My SMART goal, Weekly Status Report 8.18

First time here?  This is my update on my Six month SMART Goal.  If you’ve forgotten, or need a quick reminder, read here to get  you caught up on  SMART Goals.  This is good stuff.  I am putting it to the test in my own life, and will be reporting in here weekly.

Specific: Lose 35 pounds by December 31, 2014.

Measurable: Saturday status report. (Caveat:  There may be a Saturday report that shows up late Sunday night.  I want to keep my priorities in line and make sure that Saturdays are our family days and Sundays are for worship.  I hope you understand.)

Achievable:  I can do this!  I believe I can and I’m doing the work.

Results:  Weekly weigh-in updates.

Timeline:  ~6 Months


Feel free to share your weekly goal and status at #mysmartgoal.  I’ll be looking for you on Instagram.

Here is my “Habits Checklist” to keep up with my goals.

Weekly Status Report
Weekly Status Report

Wow.  I did simplify.  But I have to tell you, this week I learned all about listening to my needs.  What does that mean?  I had a very emotional week with stresses from projects I’m working on, the loss of our beloved Robin Williams and a couple of other things going on in my life.  One on one, these would have been small, menial things.  All together in one week made it really, powerfully difficult to focus.

On the other side of this, I didn’t binge eat through all my emotions and stress.  This has been the usual for me in the past.  So, I consider it a win.  That’s refreshing.

  • Did I make exercise a daily habit?

No.  Only three days this week.  I can see how the days that I get out and walk that big hill in my neighborhood are the days I have a clearer perspective and am able to focus on other things more easily.  My legs are really getting stronger, too.  As long as I just keep at it.

This weekend we went to a wild animal park with hills around the area.  It’s been just about a year since we were last there and on the way home I told my husband that I don’t feel any of the aches and never felt like I was running out of breath throughout the whole day.  It was really motivational to see the progress that I have been making over time.  Next time we go, maybe we will have to jog the whole thing as a family.  That would be hilarious to see!

  • Did I write everything down that went in my mouth?

No.  I have almost all of my meals in there.  I had forgotten and because I couldn’t remember how much I had eaten the day before I didn’t want to just pop in some guesses. The key here for me is posting that every meal BEFORE I pop in a bite of food.  Big, big difference.    The simple steps are going to help me get there.  I have the tools, now I need to build the discipline to do it.  Every day.

I heard it said that “Success is rented.  And the rent is due every day.”  It sure rings true as I am working on this fitness goal.  I can do really well for 5 days and lose a couple of pounds, but easily gain it back in a weekend.

  • Did I report in?

Yes.  I’m glad to post this update.  Accountability has been everything in this journey.  These are the habits that will set me up for success.   Healthy habits aren’t something I’m forcing myself to do a couple of times a year, it’s becoming what I want to do regularly.  My habits for eating are changing, too. I’m looking at meal choices thinking about what will give my body the best energy that I need- rather than just fill me up.

  • Overall result?

.5 pound gained.  Lesson learned.  The little things matter.  Every day.

Tell me now, how did your week go with you SMART goal?  Feel free to comment here or use #mySMARTgoal on Twitter or Instagram.

Can’t wait to hear all about it!