Ep. 98 – Martin Luther King Quote

Monday Maxim with Amy 2018:

It’s your mental Vitamin B. Each Monday I share a little motivation & insight to start the week. You’ve got a lot of people depending on you. There is big work for you to do. So here’s a maxim for you, the smart, ambitious woman, to help you SHINE.

One Lesson from Martin Luther King"No person has a right to rain on your dreams," Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King Day, and his birthday, here in the US. Our quote had to come from him.

“No person has the right to rain on your dreams.”  – Martin Luther King

As smart, ambitious woman, you can easily find yourself building other up, organizing the schedule, and moving forward that you don’t have time or energy for your own dreams.

Then, when all your energy is built up and you’re ready to squeeze in a little something for yourself, someone can easily make a quick remark and crush your dreams.

No one has the right to rain on that.  

When you hear the comment, take a moment and sit back, put the comment on the side, remind him or her that “This is not about you… This will only make me more who I am.  You don’t have to like it.”

Then get back to working on your dream, baby.

You’ve got big work to accomplish.

Enrich your life.

Do better for the whole world.

Don’t wish it were easier

One of my most favorite quotes is by Jim Rohn.

Don't wish it were easier.
Quote from Jim Rohn

It applies to that big challenge you’re looking at.  It applies to all of life.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

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If you’re struggling with money, relationships, challenges in life, remember- you are definitely growing.  If you are concerned with the health of a family member, the challenge of a loved one, that shows your compassion.

You are doing something difficult today.

Know what that means?

You’re learning.

You’re growing.

You are progressing.

And you will be better for it.

Social Media Tools to Make You a Ninja: Part 1

When it comes to social media, visual posts and images are the cool kids.  They’re not only at the party, they are the party.  They bring in color and add life to your message.  Have you ever had a burst of inspiration and realized, “This is genius!  It needs to be shared.  With a cool image or picture of Ryan Gosling, naturally.”  I get that.  I’m no graphic designer, but I know what I like.  In fact, I’m quite particular about the look of an image.  And after some extensive research of graphic design tools, apps, and software, I’ve found the Ninjas for you.  The powerhouses of cool.  The Big Kahunas of Word-dom.

Ninja tools + a dynamic message in social media = power, baby.  (See how  I did that?  Algebra has always been my forte.)

You can be a visual social media ninja.  Think “brain candy.”  Think “motivational goodies on your page.”  Think “Share uplifting message or promote my blog/business/cause,” whatever your need is, just know that a creative lollapalooza is happening, and it’s time to get on board!

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Here is the start of the lineup:

WordSwag App (Sadly, only offered to iOS users right now.)  

WordSwag app

For just a couple bucks, this app can be yours, and Oh, sweet WordSwag, where have you been all my life?  This is my absolute favorite right now!  This app lets you take your own words, or they have some fun, little nuggets all ready for you to put in different word templates that overlay on your pics or backgrounds they offer.  I’ve done this on my own.  It takes about 4 different apps, and a lot of work/time to create.  But this is a piece of cake!  Best part is, they do the work for you.  The spacing, layout and design is set.  With a few clicks you are in business!  Here are a couple examples of  things I’ve made today.

WordSwag App magic.
WordSwag app rocks.

Seriously, I love this little app. Once you’ve created your hip design, you can share to all your social media outlets.  A word of advice, though, if you are sharing to Twitter, make sure that you save to your camera roll first, rather than having the app share it.  You’ll post using a pic.twitter link which is much easier for your followers to see, instead of  linking the image through Instagram.  (If that was a bit too confusing, email me: amy@thinkenriched.com, and I’ll happily walk you through it.) This is the app you’ll want to use to make your Instagram, FB and Twitter page feel as cool as it looks.  I even tweeted about this love!


Pagemodo makes social media a snap.

Next on the list is  PageModo.  Whoa, this guy is the bodybuilder of the Ninja group.  He’s got some guts. PageModo  makes your pages and images so much easier to design.  This site, based on a WordPress theme, has a strong foundation to pull together incredible images, posts and customize your pages.  There are several great stock photos available, which has been tricky for me to find great images quickly and inexpensively.  Then, you can add your own verbiage, create contests and link to your social media pages.

PageModo offers a free service that you can use liven up your Facebook page, and a paid program where you can manage several pages, plus, and this is the biggie: you can schedule several posts in advance that will automatically be posted for you.  This is perfect if you’d like to keep sending out messages, but have limited time or may be traveling.

Again, I’m new to this service, but here are just a few of the items I’ve created.

PageModo lets you create great messages.
Use PageModo to make your message sing!
#Switch2Rich with your money working step to win $100.


There are more tools that we’ve got to talk about. But let’s not overwhelm you.  Next week I’ll share a couple more things that will help make you a serious social media Ninja.  When you post, people will listen.  Remember that old commercial?  Oh great.  I just dated myself.

Now, I want to see what YOU create!  You have a creative side.  You have inspiring thoughts.  Go put them together and share the love!  How cool would it be to make a personalized post to say happy birthday to someone on FB?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to share an uplifting quote and image with a friend who is having an off day?  What about sending a quick love note to your sweetheart with all the mushy stuff?  So fun!

Show me what you got!  Make some fun  images and share them with me!  You can send them to the WomanEnriched Facebook page, tweet them to me on Twitter, or show me the magic on Instagram!

I can’t wait to see what you CREATE!