Ep. 112 – You Have Power Over Your Mind

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You Have Power Over Your Mind
You Have Power Over Your Mind

Here’s a maxim for you, the smart, ambitious woman, to help you SHINE.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”  – Marcus Aurelius

When you focus your power on what you can change, miracles start to happen.

The key to remaining positive is to reframe the situation.

Ask yourself, “What is one positive thing about this situation?”

By reframing the situation, even very negative situations can give you positives examples and lessons in life.

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Thank you Revolution 1.0

Ugh.  I missed the boat.

Thank You Revolution
Thank You Revolution

Yesterday we started the Thank You Revolution.  I have been dreaming about this project since I started this blog.  The timing just wasn’t right… until now.

But I forgot to add my Thankyous.

Whoops. Let’s fix that directly.

Two people who have profoundly influenced my perspective this week.

The first, Melanie, has been my NUMBER ONE FAN. I’ve known Melanie for a few years now.  We have appreciated each other, but never were able to spend time together.  I have been watching her success continue and cheering her on.  She scheduled a call this week.  I thought we were going to talk business.  Nope.  She had heard a speaker last weekend and it reminded her of some of my goals we have discussed and she just wanted to cheer me on.

She called just to say, “Keep going.”

“You’re helping people.”

“You are making a difference.”

And, I didn’t know the proper way to thank her.

What an incredible impact that call has had on my week.

And my life. #thankyourev Melanie!


The other thank you that must be shared is an influential podcaster, Mr. Jared Easley.

He has gone above and beyond to help encourage me to work a little harder, and smarter to do my best.

He has personally checked in on my efforts.

He has coached me (at NO CHARGE to me) in my strategy for the show, how to connect with others and do good.

He has done this through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook on the phone and on Skype calls.

He has given of himself.

In fact, he even invited me to be a guest on his podcast, Starve the Doubts.  It was such fun and really gave me opportunity to reach out to many new folks.  Have a listen.

And guess what?  I’m not the only one.  He has reached out to hundreds, possibly thousands of people in just this one year.

He has lifted so many and I’m truly grateful for the time, thought and focus he has given me  @jaredeasley #thankyourev!


Tell me about your week. What items do you need to add to the Thank you Revolution?

Weekly Status Report, 10.6

If you’re new here, this is my update on my Six month SMART Goal. If you’ve forgotten, or need a quick reminder, read here to remind you about SMART Goals.

Weekly Status Report
Weekly Status Report

Specific: Lose 35 pounds by December 31, 2014.

Measurable: Saturday status report.

Achievable: I can do this! I believe I can and I’m doing the work.

Results: Weekly weigh-in updates.

Timeline: ~6 Months

Feel free to share your weekly goal and status at #mysmartgoal. I’ll be looking for you on Instagram.
Here is my “Habits Checklist” to keep up with my goals.


YES!  This is the first week that I felt like I was making this particular goal simple.  Do you make goals sometimes too complex, too involved or over-extend yourself in one way or two?  Me too.  This week I blew all that to the wind!

Every time I ate something, I’d look at my plate and make sure that my portions were reasonable and I didn’t snack mindlessly this week.

Sure, that made sound like a couple of baby steps, but I feel great about it!

Did I Make exercise a daily habit?

Nope.  This one is hard.  We are all up before 6AM in the car on the days we are taking Dad to work so we have the car for errands and preschool.  It’s not as easy to set a time.  Unless I start at 4AM-ish.

Ummmm.  Let’s be real:  that might not work.  Still trying to find the time in the schedule.

So this week, I’m trying this: 3 times a week I can do my exercise in the afternoons.  That’s it.  No fuss.  Three times a week is better than giving up too soon like I have before.  I think I’ll have something to report.

Did I write everything down that went in my mouth?

No.  This one is hard for me.  I know that the apps help, but there are times when I’m eating standing up because after a quick lunch it’s time to go here or do this…or life.

Did I report in?

Yes.  This weekly accountability really seems to help.  Even though the results on this aren’t the kind that make people gasp and pause in full dramatic effect, they are happening.  I’m seeing that there’s a lot that is happening inside and eventually, it will be happening on the outside.  I’m pretty certain of that.

Final result?

Down 2.5 pounds.  Funny, huh?  I didn’t do everything in perfect order and harmony, but still there’s some progress.  And the truth is, I’m pretty sick of just waffling forward and back- like a tacky dance move that never goes anywhere.  I want to go somewhere.

So this week, I’ll have three complete work outs to report in along with an accounting of my food intake.  This is the difference.  I am going to make a difference!

Now tell me in the comments, how are your goals really going?