How to know if your business idea is a good one. (And what to do when it’s not.)

You hear people saying all the time, “I invented that product!”

How to know if your Business Idea is a Good One.
How to know if your Business Idea is a Good One.

Or, “I should have started this business a few years ago…”

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Here are the show notes.

Get that in your purse:

Check out the CreativeMarket.

This site easily helps you find creative assets, think graphics, template designs, fonts, logos, even photos, as you are setting up your business.  They send you free assets each Monday that you can use in your business.

Speak the Lingo:

Today’s Leadership Lingo Term: Achiever

I just did the StrengthsFinder test.  One of my top strengths, Achiever, has been on my mind all week.

Achiever vs. Overachiever

It’s great to be an achiever.  Most women I spend time with are achieving high-ended goals and completing their own list of tasks daily.  What about over achievers?

Habits of Excellence:

I use a Passion Planner, we’ve talked about this.  You get a discount using code AROBLES10 when you order yours (through January 2017.)

However, I can still get lost in the distraction of the time chunks.

This week’s Habit of Excellence: StoryBrand Productivity Schedule 

Released January 2nd… this has been revolutionary for me. Here’s why:

  • Think of my day in reverse.
  • Assigning tasks rather that time.
  • My life theme.

This one tiny habit has helped me get to that deep sleep faster.

Today’s focus:

How to know if your business idea is a good one.


  • Research Amazon/ Google
  • Ask specific questions to potential clients/ customers
  • Look at prototypes/ move toward an offering.
  • Consider funding, manufacturing, etc.  Write the plan down on paper.
  • Determine company name, set up a website, check social media names, brand colors

Do not:

  • Take out a loan for the “business idea”
  • Order business cards
  • Tell everyone at the family reunion that you started a business
  • Publish your website…yet

These first few steps are how you’ll be able to determine business concept.

Take the first few ideas for your business concept, send them to me, for honest feedback.

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Here are the show notes from this week’s podcast episode.

Welcome to the show.  Today we are going to dive in talking about the importance of a plan.

Get that in your purse:

Check out Passion Planner.

Write down the plan for the week, day, even some hours.

Passion Planner walks you through the process to create your Passion Roadmap.

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Speak the Lingo:

Today’s Leadership Lingo Term: Priority

You have the the right to precede others in order, rank, and privilege.  You enjoy the right giving your most important focus and time to the most important people or projects in your life.

Like the line at Disneyland.  You decide who gets that Fast Pass.  Who gets to talk to you first.  Who gets your listening and undivided attention right now.

Habits of Excellence:

This week’s Habit of Excellence:  Write it down.

A goal.  A shopping list.  A system.

“When you write down your ideas you automatically focus your full attention on them. Few if any of us can write one thought and think another at the same time. Thus a pencil and paper make excellent concentration tools.” 

Pencil and paper make excellent concentration tools.
Pencil and paper make excellent concentration tools.

Michael Leboeuf    (Quote shared by Positivity Blog.)

Life Hack share a great post about why it’s important to write it down.

Today’s focus:

Not just an idea, not just a dream, you need a plan.

When you write it down you are giving yourself not one gift, but two:  Clarity and focus.

Perhaps you’ve never used a written planner.  Here’s why it works for me.    

  • Set goals for the month/ week and evaluate the progress, or lack of, achieving these goals.
  • Keep my spending tracker right with me.
  • Ideas come and I need to write them down.  Moleskin’s don’t work for me.
  • How my mind works. I remember where I wrote it, not just what I wrote down. Called cognitive anchoring.

Those are just the first few reasons a written planner works for me.  I teach you how I run the many components of our lives from the planner in depth in my Enriched Woman 90coaching program.

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