Social Media. Your Money.

In this quick episode, you’ll get a brief introduction to

Relationships and Money
Relationships and Money

the challenge of February:  Make the Connection.

This week we are focusing on connecting with influencers in the world.

But social media & your money??? How are those related.

Consider Oprah, Tony Robbins and financial gurus who teach to help others.

Follow one influencer mindfully knowing the opportunity cost of your time.  (Opportunity cost is understanding the decisions that using your time on social media is taking away time for you to other things, like: calling a friend, getting a chore completed, making dinner.  Whatever else.  You understand the cost of that time.)

How do you use social media to do better in the world.  Take this quick quiz to review exactly what kind of message you are sending out to the world.

Your time is so valuable.  Talk about what you want, not what you don’t want.

Social media is about connecting with the people who uplift & inspire you to do more, not pull you down to less.

Social media, when used properly, is a powerful way to connect with like-minded people who are working on the same kinds of goals, who can help you succeed, and can give you ideas to improve your own life.

You must choose to use your social media time wisely.

Connect with Your Own Influencer
Connect with Your Own Influencer

This week’s challenge is:

  1. Pick 1 or 2 influencers (worth your time) to learn from this week.
  2. Read their blog, watch them on YouTube, listen to their podcast.
  3. Eliminate mindless scrolling.
  4. Create more meaning with those in your circle of influence.

Later this week we’ll have an interview with a social media expert who is maximizing influence online.

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