Ep. 107 – Build Trust. Make Sales With Email

Welcome back to the Email Marketing Series! In episode 103, we started talking about what your email marketing needs to be effective. Then in episode 105, we discussed your email marketing strategy. In this episode, we’ll look at why you hate selling online; how you can create relationships with customers and make more sales using email to connect with your audience.

The best salespeople never talk about sales.  They offer solutions.  They are constantly making suggestions to help others.

Let’s be honest here.  You don’t like sales.  You don’t like asking for money, pushing for a product.  You hate that stuff.

Something you may not have considered: The reason you hate selling online is that it feels disingenuous. It doesn’t feel like YOU.

Build Trust, Make Sales with Email Marketing
Build Trust, Make Sales with Email Marketing

Example, board a flight and the person scanning your ticket or your phone says, “Enjoy your flight.”

The worst example was when our family was booking tickets to Disneyworld in Orlando.  We had to make an adjustment and after the call transferred to another someone on the phone lines, the customer service person said, “Have a magical day.”  But it certainly did not sound magical.

These are prime examples of disingenuous expressions.

You are not disingenuous.  You are real. This matters to you because you are concerned about having integrity and being true to you.  Even online.

Now, think of your last movie recommendation to a friend…

Or, the recommendation I received on a restaurant in town we haven’t tried, a friend said, “You gotta try the fried pickles.  They are phenomenal.”

These are very specific.  They are recommendations.  And you LOVE sharing it.

The key is to build more trust in your online business. 

Trust is your currency.  The only thing you have to develop relationships is trust.  It starts with you.

How to Build Trust with Your Audience

You build that trust by following :

1. Reveal yourself.  Share what you are doing, where you are in a process.

2. Involve your audience in the conversation.

3. Recommend the solution that works for you.

Think about infomercials.  We’ve all seen an ad, you know it’s an ad while flipping through channels.  You listen for a few minutes and realize a half hour has passed.

What happened?  You were involved.

So, how do you do this with your email marketing?

You build the trust.

How to Build Trust Using Email

Follow the same steps in this way:

1. Reveal yourself.  Share what you are doing, where you are in a process.

You reveal yourself when you Tell a Story.  Don’t write a novel in your email, just a few sentences is enough. Make the picture evident.

2. Involve your audience in the conversation.

To involve your audience, Ask a Question.  You’ve just painted the picture, you can easily ask, “What would you have done?” Or, “What do you think happened?” Or, “So guess what she did?”

3. Recommend the solution that works for you.

The story and question now give you a chance to Share the Solution (that is, What You are Selling) to explain how it worked. Be sure to share the most important part, The Results.  It’s about those results.

4. From there, Make Your Offer.

Tell your customer what they must do now to get those same results.  Emotion makes the sale.  Be sure to talk about how it feels to use your product/service/offer.

By following these specific steps, you make more sales through email.  But you’re doing it in a way that is genuinely you.

Build trust and credibility as you make more money. That’s email marketing success.


Ep. 105 – How To Create a Quality Lead Magnet

Ah, the lead magnet… Like most business owners, it started this like this.

You’ve started your online business. Things are going well.

You know you need to have an email list to make your business grow, but every time you hear someone mention it you think…

What do I even write about?  How do I get someone to sign up for my list?  What makes someone decide to learn more?

That’s all part of your email marketing strategy.

Your Email Marketing Strategy

The cycle of email marketing runs in a circular pattern:

Your Email Strategy
Your Email Strategy

Outsider >> Acquaintance >> Ally >> Insider

How do you do that?

When someone considers subscribing to your email list, they are considering if they would want you at their dinner party…

They are saying that they would allow you into their home, sit down and eat a meal together, and share stories.  Not only that, they look forward to the time together.

In a word, they find you interesting.

Lead magnets spark the interest.

Create a Quality Lead Magnet

Like a great cake, making a quality email strategy comes down to following simple steps that work for you.

Here they are.

How to Create a Quality Lead Magnet
How to Create a Quality Lead Magnet , Email Series, Part 1

1.  Offer them something to initiate that first, critical interaction.

So what is that?  It’s called an opt-in, a lead magnet, a giveaway, etc.  We’ll call it a lead magnet.

Your lead magnet helps your potential client/customer:

  • Succeed at a new skill.
  • Make a purchase.
  • Get started on a first step.
  • Learn some secret information.
  • Save them time.
  • Eliminates extra steps.

2.  Before you create a lot of extra work, consider the following:

  • What does my customer want?
  • What is the best method to connect with my customer?
  • What do I already have to offer?
  • What do I offer exceptionally well?
  • What is the first thing my customer needs to know?

3. You need a fresh idea. Like fresh ingredients.

Just like your closet or your pantry, when you focus on your email list remember, “Quality beats Quantity.  Every time.”

Quit making lots of “ho-hum” lead magnets.  Make one that really works for you and your business.  Here are some the quickest, easiest ways to to do that.

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This is section one of the email marketing guide.  Next time we’ll talk about how to make your first automated email sequence.

Ep. 103 – Email Marketing Done Right. Now.

If I could go back at the start of my business, I would tell myself one thing, “Master Email Marketing.”

Get Your Email Worksheet
Get Your Email Worksheet

These next few episodes are all about the lessons of email marketing I wish someone would have taught me.

Your success is in your hands now.  It feels like I’m giving you the keys to a brand new Tesla.

Start her up.  Set her on autopilot and watch your business take off.

I know that taking this all in at once can be a bit overwhelming.  So I made you a worksheet to follow along.

This will become your guide as you continue to email your audience.    Enjoy!

Your Free Email Worksheet


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Here is your email marketing primer, let’s call it the broad strokes.

1. Set Up Your Strategy.

  • Establish your rules for business.
  • Show them what to do next.
  • Walk them through the process.

2.  Be You.  The Real You.

  • Share what is happening in your life.
  • Authentic vs. Being Transparent (Authenticity is sharing how you feel inside, what you are learning intellectually.  Transparency shows the whole mess.  All of the pieces falling apart.  It’s like a country song gone wrong… Don’t lose credibility.)
  • Use your real voice as you are making an offer to your customers.

3. Build Community 

  • Make the connection with your group.
  • Show how what you offer helps others.  Build interdependence within your community.
  • Focus on your own group.
  • Get their input. Ask questions. Take a poll, etc.

4. Tell a Story

Storytelling is not as complicated as you think.  Think of the 3E’s:

  • Show your empathy.
  • Be the expert.
  • Share your eccentricities.

Paint a picture of what is happening.

Business is about trust.

You don’t have time as a business owner to talk to people for hours on end to make a sell.

Now, you send messages out as packages to build those messages of trust.

5. Be the Teacher

Say to yourself, “Guide My Group.”  You already know how to do so many things… now you can share that with your group.

  • Break a project down into small steps. Think about your system.
  • Write down a brain dump…look at the big picture.
  • Avoid the curse of expertise.  (That is, you work at a level 9 or 10, while the rest of the world thinks about this at level 2 or 3.)
  • Make it simple.  It will feel like you are dumbing it down.  You are making it so easy so that you can explain it in basic bones components.
  • Be the person to show someone how to do the beginner’s guide.
  • Tutor the beginners.   Instant Pot example.

6. Be a Reporter For Every Email

  • Answer the questions before they ask. 5 W’s:  Who, What, When, Where, Why
  • Show them the How…
  • Find ways to walk them through the steps.
  • Remember 7th grade? You don’t know the Algebra teacher…and once he starts talking, Math becomes so much fun.  The teacher has inspired you. That’s what you’ll do with your email sequences.

You already have high-level relationships in many areas of your life.

Use email right and you will have lots more people coming to you to learn how to excel.

Make sure you are making email the driving force of communication with your audience.

Then watch your business grow!

Ep. 91 – Thanksgiving is Like Your Business.

Thanksgiving is Like Your Business. Five Secrets You Need to Know.

A year ago, I shared a post about how Thanksgiving is like Leadership.

Thanksgiving and Your Business
Thanksgiving and Your Business

But the more you dive into the makings of a happy holiday feast, the more you realize, Thanksgiving is like your Business.

Here are show notes explaining how to plan, shop, prepare, execute and enjoy a lovely holiday feast is a lot like running your business.

  1. No matter how well you plan, one thing can derail you how you respond says everything. You think you’ve got it covered- the full logistics. Find the less than obvious things. We thawed the turkey in the bathtub. Lesson learned: Turkey Thaw (Prep) Time. You cannot make up lost time. Be a turtle.  Keep moving forward.
  2. Multiple things are going at the same time. You don’t have to be there for each one.  Efficiency. Don’t crowd the oven. Set stations & spread it out.  Lesson learned: Set up stations. Structure the project with assembly line focus. Become efficient.
  3. The restriction of 1 oven held us back. Three tools allowed us to have multiple things cooked and ready at the same time.  Lesson learned:  Invest in the tools. You need to maximize your efforts and your time.
  • Ask these three questions before making your  next business purchase:
  • How often will I use this?
  • Can I use this tool for multiple projects?
  • Will I be using this in one year in my business?
  1. Dad can do the cranberry sauce. A child can stir while you add. (You take care of the big stuff you must take care of) Pass #2 & 3 priorities on to someone else.  Lesson learned: Delegate. Structure the project with assembly line focus. Become efficient.
  2. Sick kid: yes, even though you plan & make it work, somehow your kid can get sick. Just because. So we were in the InstaCare and late night pharmacy. This is real life. This is how life works. Lesson learned:  Something things you cannot control: health, sickness, the weather. Keep the important things important.  Your business does not overrule relationships.
  3. BONUS Secret:  Yes, you can. If you can plan, prepare & execute a Thanksgiving dinner- you can run a business. (The steps are far more apparent for a holiday dinner. Do your research.  Lesson learned: Believe in yourself. If you are having a hard time, know that I believe in you. You can do this.  You can create something.  Do it now.

Tell me now, what is your best holiday planning secret? 

Subscribe to the podcast today.  And be sure to share this one smart, ambitious woman in your life!