Ep. 105 – How To Create a Quality Lead Magnet

Ah, the lead magnet… Like most business owners, it started this like this.

You’ve started your online business. Things are going well.

You know you need to have an email list to make your business grow, but every time you hear someone mention it you think…

What do I even write about?  How do I get someone to sign up for my list?  What makes someone decide to learn more?

That’s all part of your email marketing strategy.

Your Email Marketing Strategy

The cycle of email marketing runs in a circular pattern:

Your Email Strategy
Your Email Strategy

Outsider >> Acquaintance >> Ally >> Insider

How do you do that?

When someone considers subscribing to your email list, they are considering if they would want you at their dinner party…

They are saying that they would allow you into their home, sit down and eat a meal together, and share stories.  Not only that, they look forward to the time together.

In a word, they find you interesting.

Lead magnets spark the interest.

Create a Quality Lead Magnet

Like a great cake, making a quality email strategy comes down to following simple steps that work for you.

Here they are.

How to Create a Quality Lead Magnet
How to Create a Quality Lead Magnet , Email Series, Part 1

1.  Offer them something to initiate that first, critical interaction.

So what is that?  It’s called an opt-in, a lead magnet, a giveaway, etc.  We’ll call it a lead magnet.

Your lead magnet helps your potential client/customer:

  • Succeed at a new skill.
  • Make a purchase.
  • Get started on a first step.
  • Learn some secret information.
  • Save them time.
  • Eliminates extra steps.

2.  Before you create a lot of extra work, consider the following:

  • What does my customer want?
  • What is the best method to connect with my customer?
  • What do I already have to offer?
  • What do I offer exceptionally well?
  • What is the first thing my customer needs to know?

3. You need a fresh idea. Like fresh ingredients.

Just like your closet or your pantry, when you focus on your email list remember, “Quality beats Quantity.  Every time.”

Quit making lots of “ho-hum” lead magnets.  Make one that really works for you and your business.  Here are some the quickest, easiest ways to to do that.

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This is section one of the email marketing guide.  Next time we’ll talk about how to make your first automated email sequence.