How you Think Matters

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 How you think matters.

When you are talking to yourself, you make all the difference in your life.

  • This podcast is one part personal journal of my ups and downs as we are paying off all of our debt and getting our finances completely in order; and, one big part, learning from those who have been successful with money.  We talk to money experts and regular Joes that have made significant strides with their financial situations.
  • Why does it matter “how you think?”  Imagine a pie chart of life, all the important things in your life are in there.  Money is like an oval that touches every aspect of that pie chart.  When your finances are in order it directly impacts other parts of your life.

    Why Talk about Money
    Why Talk about Money
  • Consider, What are you learning from money management strategies?
  • Christmas 2013, we made the goal to pay of $5,000 of credit card debt in 2014.
  • We are a single income family household and we have been able to:
    • Learn how to set up our own budget
    • We made a budget, worked through trial & error.  And the fights.  Oooh, the fights… (we’ve talked about those fights on this episode.)
    • I was on a “shopping detox” and didn’t even realize it.
    • We held each other accountable even on the tough days and paid off $25,000 of debt in 2014.
    • We traveled, visited family, and were able to still pay off another $15,000 of debt in 2015.
  • An additional phase of Thinking Enriched in my personal life, weight loss and tracking my calories, steps and workouts.
  • Thinking about the goal is the first step.  Getting off your hiney is the other part of the equation to achieve any goal.
  • Monthly challenges are part of listening in to Think Enriched.
  • January’s Challenge is the Pantry Challenge. It’s basically 30 days to help you: avoid waste in the kitchen; ensure you are eating healthy well-balanced meals; and clearly, save money. The basic steps are:
    • Make an inventory of your pantry, freezer, and dry goods that you have stocked up throughout the years.
    • Plan meals around these items so to eat up some of that food and avoid waste or continuous shopping of items you or your family doesn’t eat much.
    • Spend as little as possible at the grocery store for the time frame allotted (the month of January.)
  • Share your Friday Wins in the Crew.
  • When you write down your goal, you have your mind in order and focused on achieving it.  When you get to work on that goal, you exercise the discipline to make it possible.  Having both parts of this equation makes you unstoppable!
  • Goals are like dominoes.  Set and achieve one and it will roll you right on to the next.  And the next.
  • That’s what Think Enriched is all about.

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Need a resolution? Make it an Enriched Year.

Resolutions. Goals. Lifestyle change.  Plans for a better year.

2016: An Enriched Year
2016: An Enriched Year

Whatever you call them this has been on your mind for a bit, hasn’t it?

In personal reflection, I’ve realized that this is not the year to do more.  The world tells us that more is better.  A bigger home, is supposedly, better than a smaller home.  That more stuff to take care of is better for you and your family.  That more is not just better…it’s more.

The one thing 2015 taught me is that more is just…more. Profound, isn’t it?

So for 2016, I don’t want to do more.  I don’t want to add additional challenges or goals.  I’ve got them.  I don’t just want to gloss over the goals- do a high-level “Uh, yeah, I got the job done…” kind of a thing.  That’s not who I want to be.

I want to keep the same things I’ve been working on and just be more focused.  I want to do better.  I want to not just write a post, but go deeper.  I will tell you what we are working on, what we are learning, and where we are struggling.

Because we are all working on something.

Two years ago, I never would have believed that we would have been able to pay over $40,000 of debt while still living off just one income.  That doesn’t even make sense in my mind.

The big goals never really do.

So how did we do it?  This month, I’ll be sharing all about our pantry challenge, how we have made lots of small changes that have added up to big savings in our bottom line and even teaching you how to set up your first budget.

I am confident we are going to make some great strides together!

Tell me now, what resolution are you working toward?


The secret of Strength

“Concentration is the secret of Strength” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s big one I’m learning:  Even a teeny, tiny distraction can keep you from achieving your dreams.

What do I mean?  Emerson, in his day, called is concentration.  Today we call it focus.

Do you sit at the computer to write a post and have the buzzes and dings grabbing your attention?

Sure.  That’s easy to say.  But people have questions.  You need to research. Maybe you’ve got to pick up your kids, or get to work, or have a meeting in an hour.

You’ve got a lot to do today.  But isn’t that every day?

Do you plan to exercise every day of the week and not… get there… every day?

That was your new year’s resolution, right? Me too.  Reality check: It’s only the third full week of the year. It’s got to become a habit to stick.

[Tweet “We can’t eliminate the distractions, but we can make a choice as to how to handle them. via @itsamyrobles”]

Sitting down to write?  Turn off all the notifications on the computer.  And write.  Just write.  It’s amazing how the words can flow once you get going.

Need to wake up a few minutes earlier to achieve that fitness goal?  Do it.

Then, you do it once a day.  Can you do it tomorrow?  Will you you do it tomorrow?

Creating habit is not just climbing a mountain.  I think of it as a giant hamster wheel.  That first step is tough to get going.  The next step is challenging, but not quite as tough.  Then again.  And again.  Pretty soon the momentum that you’re building from this one step is working for you to push you further than you expected.  One step is moving like three.

Because once you set the pace, you are taking control.  You have focus.  You have concentration.  This is where you find strength.

How are you finding strength in your life?

Moxie Year.

I have always failed at resolutions.  How about you?  Be honest.

I’ll do well for the first couple of months, but then…I got back to being me.  Just me.

This past year I tried something different.  I had a word of the year:  Strong.  Nothing crazy.  No marathons run.  No lives changed.  Just simple decisions made throughout the year.  I chose to be strong.  And oh, what an amazing year it has been.  We have gotten ourselves out of nearly all of our debt.  I have tried things and failed.  I have tried things and succeeded.  And every time another decision had to be made, we chose to be strong.

The past couple of months I’ve been looking for the word of 2015.  Nothing seemed to encapsulate the ways I’m planning to stretch and grow and learn and read and do.  Until I studied the word, Moxie.  (Cue the grand entrance music.  Raise curtain. And massive applause.  Yess!)

Sure you hear it.  But do you know what it really means?

Moxie Year
2015, “Who’s got the Moxie?”

Here’s the three definitions, according to Webster, and how we are going to implement them here.

1. knowledge gained by actually doing or living through something; (chops. expertise. know-how. savvy. skills.)

This seems a perfect definition for our lives right now.  We are living through the headache of paying back our debt.  When I want to make a quick run to the store and my husband has the car at work, I have learned to make due.  When I have wanted to spend more than we can afford, my husband has pulled me in and helped me see how a quick rush now is really a slow leak to disaster for us.   While I don’t feel like an expert quite yet, we have done it for nearly a year.  Can we finish strong?  Can we stay focused?  I’m learning that it’s not a question of “can”  but a question of “will.”  I believe we will.

And I want to show you more of what we are doing.  Last year, we talked a lot about the high ideals.  2015 will be about what we do daily.  What are the decisions we make each month on our budget.  Because we’ve found something that works and I want to share that with you.  So you can get there faster.

2. strength of mind to carry on in spite of danger; (bravery. determined. guts. heart. fortitude.)

If you are in debt, you are in danger.  Have you ever considered that?  Danger of losing your job.  Danger of losing your home.  Danger of not being able to have lights on in your home or a way to get to work.  It’s scary.

I want to carry on.  Stay the course.  I want to blog about what we are learning even though it may be late at night or early in the morning while everyone else is asleep.  When I think about staying in bed, I’ll remind myself, “I got the Moxie!”

I am determined to fine tune the blog to reach out to those who have questions but are uncomfortable asking.  I want to be there and answer questions, because I get it.  Debt is scary.  Debt is awful.

3. active strength of body or mind (drive. energy. gusto. pep. punch. snap. zing. zip.)

This is where I’m really working.  We’ve had tremendous success in other areas of life.  This year I have read several books to inspire, help me focus, find out what I’m missing and give me direction. And might I say, it’s refreshing!  Nothing like a great read to help you see the world more clearly, help fine tune the focus and animate me for future projects. I plan to read even more in 2015.  I’ve read 3 books in December (along with all of the Christmas rush) and plan to read 3 non-fiction, business focused or relationship developing books per month in 2015.  One post a month will be about the books I’m reading and what I’m learning.

My mind is working well, our finances are improving, now I want to have that kind of success in my health.  And it’s all up to me.  I’ve noticed it’s not that I don’t want to- I just haven’t made myself a priority.  That.  changes.  now.

This morning, we woke up and went for a brisk walk.  A brisk, chilly walk.  My daughter was all bundled up and as we were trudging up the hill back home she turned and said, “You’re doing great, Mom!”  It was one of those amazing moments where your heart overflows with gratitude for such an incredible kid! This is one small step in the right direction and I know that it’s time.  I’m glad we went.

Use this word, if you’d like.  Or, better yet, find your own and tell me about it!  Why is this your word?  How can I cheer you on with your word?  And don’t surprised, girl, when I ask you, “You got the MOXIE?”  Because I know you do!