Buy Bulk Foods. Save BIG.

Today we are talking about the power you have as a shopper.  I want to share with you a comparison of prices from just one shopping trip & how small decisions add up to an average of 89% savings!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Save about 89% on groceries? Yes, please. #iThinkEnriched #BulkFoodsWeek ” quote=”Save about 89% on groceries? Yes, please. #iThinkEnriched #BulkFoodsWeek”]

October 11-17, 2015 is National Bulk Foods Week 2015

You’ve heard of the Think Enriched Crew, but are you in yet?

Why you should be buying bulk foods

Buy Bulk Foods. Save Big.
Buy Bulk Foods. Save Big.

1.  Save your money

  • This study, by Portland State University, shows that consumers can save 89% purchasing bulk foods.
  • Just this week I purchased my spices in the bulk food section rather than the main aisle, and you won’t believe how much I saved!

2.  Help the environment

  • By buying bulk foods, you are cutting down on packaging waste.
  • As a consumer, buying just the amount you need saves on food waste.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Help the environment & my budget? #iThinkEnriched #BulkFoodsWeek” quote=”Help the environment & my budget? #iThinkEnriched #BulkFoodsWeek”]

3.  Have fresher ingredients.

  • With bulk foods, you are able to smell, see & inspect ingredients to ensure freshness.
  • Buying only what you need allows you to have the freshest, most flavorable recipes.

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