Ep.97 – How to Be Part of A Child’s Hope

You can be a part of a child’s hope today. You can make a difference in the world, and in your own life.

It starts with being open and willing to serve.

Today’s interview is with the long-time friend of Amy’s, Kevin Clegg.  Kevin is a successful businessman, father and serves on the Board of Directors at A Child’s Hope Foundation.How to Be Part of A Child's Hope

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Particularly today, as you listen, pay attention to:

  • Specific feelings in your heart
  • What your mind tells you to do next
  • Then, be sure to write that down for guidance on your personal journey.
  • If you’d like, share your feedback with me.  I would love to know what comes up for you.

Show notes

Finding a way to give more to the community and the world is a way to discover more of your talents and gifts to the world.

Kevin’s request on Giving Tuesday… and the surprise from others that came from that!

How Kevin and his family found the organization and how that changed his family’s perspective on holiday giving.

Why Kevin talks about “The Kids” over again.

How the Clegg family began to make repeat visits regularly.

The timeline of the trips to make and travel looks something along the lines of…

  1. Tuesday night travel together.
  2. Wednesday- Friday schedule. Mornings are working service projects and afternoons are filled with fun family activities with the children.
  3. Saturday family fiesta time!

How you can help even if you have no idea how to work with construction/industrial tools.

The main goal is to engage in the role of aunt/uncle or cousin of the kids in the orphanages to help.

The recommended age to bring your children to help and have a complete experience to serve and give in the projects.  Kids connect can throughout the entire week.

The group of family friends, like-minded people, that becomes friends and has reunions.

A Child’s Hope Beginning

How Paul Cook started the organization with a group in Haiti.

The story of one man helping over 1,200 kids.

The vision of the organization: Connecting kids with families. Back to their families, to a relative, adopted to another family, or giving them the best family experience within the orphanage to be able to have a good life afterward. And how they are bringing this vision to fruition.

Why money isn’t always the solution to this situation.

Relationships are a critical component of the effort.

One of the challenges they face is: “Who can give what to help these kids?”  Matching the right person with the right opportunity.

They are completing over 25 trips with over 1,000 volunteers this year.

How This Opportunity has Helped Kevin

Why Kevin is so lit up to talk about this.

How the energy he receives from giving in this capacity overflows into other areas of his life.  He shares specific examples of how he has seen this evidenced in his own life.

The passion that he has seen throughout this experience.

“Goodness happens when you’re trying to give to others.”

People want to learn more and are attracted to your energy when you have that passion.

“It’s never exactly what you expect either.”

“Connecting orphans with the givers who will help them thrive.”

Why they work to make it affordable to give. It’s about making sure to help families have this experience.

This is not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We want you to come back again and again.

You can get your questions answered at ACHF.org.

Working with ACHF may not be the right fit for you. That’s certainly okay.


Kevin wanted to find something to help his family see a bigger picture of the world, and the decisions that they make have an impact on those around them.  What he received was a life-changing opportunity and now is impacting the lives of hundreds of children, and ultimately, the world.

Your decision to move forward doesn’t start out to make an impact on the world. It starts with finding something that lights you up.

You enrich your life and are impacting the world with that.

Find a way to have an experience, give more to the world, and come alive.

Because, when you enrich a woman’s life, you impact her entire circle of influence.

Ep. 88 – What is the core value that Unites all Smart, Ambitious Women Here?

You know what a smart, ambitious looks like.

Core Value of Smart, Ambitious Women
Core Value of Smart, Ambitious Women

We love what she accomplishes.

We admire & respect her.

So why is it so hard to recognize the smart, ambitious woman in ourselves?

This is a tough concept we haven’t talked about enough.

Smart, ambitious women are so busy caring for others and reaching out to make a contribution to the world they can easily overlook themselves.

So today let’s break it down.

5 Strengths Smart, Ambitious Women Exhibit

All smart, ambitious women have 5 strengths that are innately part of who they are.

These women:

  1.  Believe in themselves.
  2.  Plan to succeed.
  3.  Have the heart to serve & to teach.
  4.  Finish the job.
  5.  Epitomize “aggressive consistency.”

These are strengths that we can all work on.  It is this inner grit that makes us stand out.

But there is more to it.

We will dig into each of these qualities in future episodes.  There is lots of good stuff coming with this!

The Value that Unites All Smart, Ambitious Women

Allow me to share my delayed jury duty experience.

It hit me how important this is when another juror looked right at me and said,”Motherhood is hardship.”

The value that unites us is family.

Family is our top priority.  The family is our full focus.

Family is our place of happiness.

The smart, ambitious women I work with demonstrate the value of family many ways.

Smart, Ambitious Women Understand Their Role

If there was one thing that shines through withe learning from these women, it is simply this.

There is a role in your family situation that only you fulfill.  And you value your place in that role.

This is what I love about you.

And this is where I come into this puzzle.

I teach business, marketing and how to increase your bottom line…so that you can fulfill that very important role in your family.

Behind my family and my faith, this is my life’s purpose.

As a smart, ambitious woman, money should not control what you are able to accomplish in life.

You Have a Business.  I Can Help You Succeed so You Have More Time With Family.

Let’s get your business thriving. This is what I love to do.

Let’s make it happen now.

Email me directly and let’s get you on the right track.  amy@thinkenriched.com

Priorities? Try Your Big, Burning Yes

Priorities can really get confused in the course of a regular day.

Your Big, Burning YES
Your Big, Burning YES

Yes, you want to help with the PTA…or the neighbor’s situation…or the mountain of laundry.

Stephen Covey’s writing makes things clear for me. His book,  7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is one I recommend often.

I was going through some old files and found one of my favorite quotes.

“You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage – pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically – to say ‘no’ to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger ‘yes’ burning inside.” ~Stephen Covey
Have the courage to pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically – to say ‘no’ to other things.
So hard.
You are the one they call when someone needs help on the project. They know they can depend on you. You always come through.

You love coming through to help others…it’s part of what makes you shine.

So how you do you find the balance between the two?

The key is simply this: You have to know the bigger YES burning inside you.

This is self-care. This is understanding that your needs matter, too.  It’s being able to serve the community while making yourself a priority.

Find Your Big, Burning YES

When you don’t know your own priorities, other people put their priorities on you.  Pretty soon you find yourself doing this you don’t really want to do… to make someone happy that’s not that important to you…and you start to resent them.  And the situation.  And your whole diggity-dog-dang-life.
I know, that sounds extreme.  But it happens like that.
So what’s your big, burning YES?

That’s not a question we ask often enough.  Once you know that big, burning YES you can easily say no to the other things pleasantly, and with a smile.

How do you get to that?

No one will give it to you.  Like all great things in your life, the work comes from within.

Yes, it’s time to look into your heart.  That’s not a bad thing.  The world teaches us that we should over-intellectualize our lives.

I completely disagree.

Great answers come from the heart.

An Exercise for You

On the notes section of your phone (or your journal if you’re old school like me,) (or your Bullet Journal because you’re new school like the cool kids,) put in






This should be simple.

Then, and this is important, place them in order.

Here’s what mine looks like:

1. My faith.

2. My family + close friends.

3. My health + self-care (taking the time to exercise + eat right.)

4. My business + making a contribution (serving.)

5. Other seasonal projects.

Numbers 1, 2, and 3 can rotate in top position. But only for a quick season. They are the core of my life and intertwine.

My list hasn’t always looked like that.  I thought all those other projects were important, too.  Sometimes my family would suffer because I was working on other tiny projects.

Getting to my top 5 has helped me focus in and give even more to each.

Now make your list. Put in the time and think about all those things that require your attention during the week.

I’d love to hear what you learned from this experience.

Why This Matters to You Today

When you are completely clear on what you need to accomplish, you have a chance to excel.

When you know your top 5, you’re the magnifying glass in the sunshine.  You concentrate all the heat and sun’s energy and become the laser beam of heat and energy.

In that kind of intense, concentrated energy your priorities light up.  Some would say they start to burn. You’ve created your big, burning yes.

If you don’t decide, you’ll be working on someone else’s big, burning yes.

The choice is yours. Set your top 5 now.

And then…let yourself SHINE.

Shine on.


Margin in the Budget. Create it today.

Imagine you need a quick extra $100 for groceries this month.  You aren’t able to take that money from any other account but your grocery budget.  Could you make that happen?

Create Margin in the Budget
Create Margin in the Budget

This is a big lesson we have learned the past couple of weeks.

You need margin in the budget.  Creating margin, or a buffer, in your budget gives you another level of comfort, breathing room, to Drive your MoneyBus.

How to create budget margin:

  • How filling the accounts to provide for the family and your needs has given us more freedom.
  • When the cost of gas goes down, continue putting the money in the account to give you some breathing room for future purchases.
  • Taking time to make the budget gives you opportunity to make your choices and set yourself up for success
  • Living your most enriched life, within your means, you are creating freedom for yourself.
  • Find ways to create margin within  one portion of your budget will give you more freedom.
  • When you change the focus and look to consume less, you are living enriched.

The March challenge:

  • This month we are going to downsize from our rental home to an apartment.
  • 40-50% of size decrease in the home is the goal.  I am working to eliminate 40-50% of our stuff.  The junk.
  • You can read more about the challenge, and share your comments by following along here.
  • Week 1 is focusing on the bedrooms.  I’ll eliminate the clothes we haven’t worn, the clothes that don’t fit properly right now, and the shoes we haven’t worn in years.

Determine your Emergency Fund

How much do you actually need in your emergency fund?  After this experience, of an emergency trip home for Grandma’s funeral, consider;

  • Make a high-level plan.  (remember those earthquake drills in elementary school…)  Just a bare bones idea of the travel involved, the hotels, food, and other necessities and write out the numbers on a one-page form.  Place this form in your budget/binder book.
  • Decide really how much will you need in the moment of crisis.  Write it out on the page in your budget binder.
  • Open a new savings account specifically for this situation.  Open the account today, either online or in person.
  • Start the savings for this.  Make it automatic.  $25/ a week can make a big difference in a quick year or less.

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