Why You Should Know Debt Free Guys

You know what one of the very best parts of having a blog, or podcast, or any online venture is?

Debt Free Guys
Why You Should Know the Debt Free Guys

Meeting some seriously high-quality people.  All around the globe.

It’s one of best surprises, right up there with those teeny, tiny Snickers you can only find around Halloween.

One of these, the Debt Free Guys, has become not only a couple of smart guys that give me great financial insights but have become great friends.

Bonus. Where are those tiny Snickers? It’s that time of year again.

Earlier this summer, I had a fantastic podcast interview with the Debt Free Guys.  They are really smart. Very funny.  And give some great financial perspective.

Mondays are better with them

To start off the week, they share  the Monday Money Minute, which is a quick video to inspire, motivate, and help you gain perspective on one small step to improve your finances.

Sometimes they talk about spending wisely; some days, it’s about getting serious and making the decision to pound that debt; and sometimes it’s about looking at the big picture.

Here’s one of my favorites.

You can see that they care about their audience.  They are the kind of finance guys that are not talking at you, they are working with you.  Like a good coach, they run alongside you, instead of yelling at you from the side of the track with the standard issue megaphone, clipboard, and polyester shorts.  Remember that coach?  We all had one of those.

Blog posts that make you laugh

For just a second, let’s pretend that reading about money management is exciting as…the best summer blockbuster movie.  Imagine: you have this massive challenge of saving or investing that you want to take on, the challenge is set ahead of you, you fight the dragon of debt and in a tiny twist of fate you are able to save the galaxy.  No, kill the dinosaur.  No, free humanity from an evil villainous plot. It’s that good.

But.  It’s just money.  It’s just the tool. You give money the story.  Debt Free Guys give money great stories.

These guys make money talk so fun!  Were you the hot quarterback in high school? No.  No, you were not.  Who knew that building an emergency fund could give you that kind of confidence?

They remind you that gift cards are seriously…not so thoughtful.

Sure, you are reading about money- but their stories, swag and insights make it a sheer delight!

For just a couple of bucks, Debt Free Guys books are yours

This a book worth adding to your list.  Do you know what it is to be money conscious?

Is there anything that you spend money on… every day?  Have you ever stopped to think how much that coffee/bagel/Dr. Pepper daily habit really is costing you…?  Of course not.  Why?  Because you have done is so much, it’s become your routine.  You don’t even think about it anymore.  And believe me, this is not a judgment.  How do I know about this?  Because I’ve had a couple of little habits that have added up big time for me.    There’s no need for it.

This is the book that helps you see the big picture.  Once you have gained that perspective you can find better ways to enrich your life.  Sometimes we all need that wake-up call. This is it.

Once you start to be money conscious, the decisions become so much easier.  Accountability doesn’t feel like a chore- it’s an opportunity to make something better for you, your family, and those around you. I know.  That sounds so grandiose and idealistic.  But that’s how it works. That’s what you learn from this book.

Their  other book may be a better starting point for you. In this book, they compare Aesop’s fable of the Grasshopper and the ant to your financial situation.  It paints the picture of the little pieces that are needed to build the great masterpiece of your life.  And really, isn’t that what we are all working on?

Sure, 12 steps may sound like a lot.  But I enjoyed the way the broke it down to steps that are manageable with your everyday life.  Because the thing is, I want to greatly improve my financial situation while I’m living my life.  It’s not like I want to put it on hold until the money is in order.

If you haven’t connected with Debt Free Guys, now would be the time.  They have had such an influence on my life- I want you to enjoy their good stuff, too!

Tell me now, who is a fantastic financial blogger, podcaster or YouTuber that has made an impact on your life?

Debt Free Guys| Be debt free. Have fun. Be money conscious.

The Debt Free Guys visit Think Enriched today! David Auten & John Schneider, share their story of how they were both working in the financial industry and found themselves with $51K of credit card debt.  Hear how they went from that point to now teaching others to live their motto:  Be debt free.  Have fun.  And be money conscious.

We’ll look at:

Debt Free Guys
Debt Free Guys
  • How they earned that debt. [1:20]
  • That Aha moment that changed their lives. [3:03]
  • Their 4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life [3:23]
  • Why it’s important to be Money Conscious. [4:18]
  • What triggered David to track every dollar for an entire year. [5:50]
  • How they decided what they really want in life. [8:38]
  • Why it’s important to have fun while you are living debt free. [10:16]
  • What is NSE (Not so Expensive) is their lifestyle. [10:39]
  • How they use coupons and live fabulously. [12:07]
  • How they deliberately chose to stay away from being “house poor.” [12:51]
  • What it means to visualize and socialize their debt free commitment. [14:18]
    • How they told friends and family what they were doing. [14:42]
    • How many friends and family are in the exact situation you are- but never talk about it. [15:00]
    • How you can talk about money with friends and family. [16:10]
  • What they learned from The Road to Wellness [17:00]
  • Why you should subscribe to Monday Money Minute [19:42]
  • How you can avoid budget creep. [21:02]
  • How to connect with Debt Free Guys. [22:08]
  • You can have a good life and live debt free. [22:51]

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