Ep. 86 – Successful Sales Funnels for Smart Ambitious Women

Sales Funnels
Sales Funnels

You know you need more customers. Your product is excellent.  The service you offer is superior.

So…where are you next customers?  You know they are out there. You know there are people who would really benefit from what you have to offer.  Not just that cool product or service, but from you. They could use your zest and personality to brighten their day. You just have no idea how to connect those dots.

How do you get them to you?

Is it time to make another random post on Instagram? You keep getting those same 50-something likes.

How do you reach more people?

You need a sales funnel.

You Need a Sales Funnel
You Need a Sales Funnel

The next few episodes are all about sales funnels for smart, ambitious women. I’m going to break it down line by line. This episode is the high-level overview. Listen as we create some pictures and get some broad strokes going.

Each episode, we’re going to take each step, each component, and really study the pieces.

We’ll talk about:

  • how you can make that work for your business,
  • how it’s going to happen,
  • and how you put the pieces together.

By the end of the next few episodes, you will have your own kind of sales funnel to get your marketing going for your people. Then what we can do is build on that and really customize, really, really dive down and make it so specific and so excellent for you that you’ll have the best marketing for your business.

Smart, ambitious women who are doing so many things in other facets of life, may have this business that is not only just selling items, but it is a break. Your business has brought out your passion & zest. You just get lit up every single time you talk about it. Right now I can almost feel you thinking, “Yes, that’s exactly me. I love what I do. I love the business. I love the people that I’m meeting while I’m working in the business.”

There’s nothing wrong with the product you offer. There’s nothing wrong with the service that you give. In fact, the service you give is superior and you make sure that each customer has an excellent experience every time they meet with you. So where are your next customers?

You know they’re out there. You know they’re people that would just benefit from what you have to offer. Not just the product or service, but from you as a person. You can see somebody in a situation where you were a few years back really struggling, trying to find out what was going on, and you would love to teach them and invest in them and really make something better for someone else.

So what’s missing? Why is this not working? How do you get excellent customers to find you?

What Is a Sales Funnel

Complicated Sales Funnel
Complicated Sales Funnel

In the movies, a character goes down the main streets to a back alley then finds the door where the secret treasure is being held, you are creating the path so your customer finds you.

Except it doesn’t work like that anymore.

Here is the example of the old school, complicated sales funnel. >>

There are too many steps.  Too many terms to remember.  Let me break it down for you.

The first filter is awareness. Companies want you to see them in the back of your mind all the time. That’s why big brands pay big money to have their products on sets of TV shows and movies.  It’s why Coke and McDonald’s pay for billboards in cities across the globe.  They just want the subtle reminder that they are right where you are.

Next is the discovery filter. It used to be that pharmaceutical companies put a multiple paged ads in magazines and newspapers.  They want to give you all the info so you can make a wise decision. Now they just put as much of the warnings in commercials.

Then we move to the reach phase.  The customer is genuinely looking into your product and asking questions. They ask, “Does it come with a warranty?” Or, “How long does this bottle last?” Even before they have said they want to buy.

And in the fourth step of the complicated sales funnel, the customer acts.  They buy.  They are interested in what you have to say about your product. They are at a point when they want to buy and have decided to spend time and money with you. A transaction is made.  Woohoo!

Then, you work to take that one-time buyer into a convert.  Or, better said, a repeat customer.  (Side note: these terms are ridiculous.  We’re working on sales, not bringing someone to spiritual enlightenment.  Who decided these terms?? It’s awkward!)  You want to convert them as quickly as possible, think terms like, “You want fries with that?” Or the regular, “We can gift wrap that for you, for a small fee.”

After you’ve (ahem..) converted your customer, you work to engage them.  That is, how are they using their product. Do they use it daily? Once a week? You want the entire experience to be positive. They are enjoying what you and your product have done for them.

And finally, finally, you have create your own (insert personal statement about awkward marketing term here)apostle.  That is, they speak the good word to everyone they know about you & your product!  They can’t get enough of you.

Whew.  That’s a lot of steps.

I see it a different way.

You don’t need an old school sales funnel. You just need your SASS.

Your Sales Funnel with Sass

Sales Funnel with SASS
Sales Funnel with SASS

You’ve got a little sass. You don’t always want to do what you are told. You can come back with a quick-witted, smart-apple response easily. But you don’t. You are nicer than that.

But it’s in there. A little bit of your boldness, a little of the fire that makes you a successful, ambitious woman, you have the sass inside.

It’s time to use it on the outside.  It’s your Sales Funnel with SASS.

First, the customer spots you.  They see you somewhere.  Maybe the see your influential posts online. Maybe they love the way you are using technology to directly speak to people about something that’s important to you. It might be the same woman you see at soccer practice, and over time, you become more than just a nodding, friendly hello from a distance.

Then your customer acts.  The action could be asking you a question directly about your business.  Something like, “So what is it you do?” You have developed enough trust to ask and are genuinely interested in knowing more about what you offer.  Some action is a conversation. Sometimes the action is, “I want it!” A direct purchase is made. Sometimes it’s simply about asking more and more.

Then the customer is so delighted with your product or service, and essentially, you, that they must talk about it.  Your customer is telling your sister about it.  Or they are speaking directly to you.  I know that someone is with me when they offer feedback directly related to services I provide or podcast episodes, etc.

Finally, they are shouting to the world. They tell their hairstylist about you.  Their children can tell you what Mom loves about your product.  They are sharing the goods for you.

Much easier, eh?

So where to start?  We’ll get to the specific steps in the next few posts.

Why SASS Works

We live in a world being bombarded with too many ads on things they don’t want or need.

Our time limits are so very constrained.

The SASS Funnel works because we are giving people an appetizer education. No one has time to break out the old recipe books, but we can watch a quick video on the best 5-alarm chili.

When you’re at the market and they just happen to have a dozen samples right here. Why don’t you go just take a snack? Just that little snack size and you taste it and you’re like, “Oh, that is really good. I could totally use that for this meal or this would be a perfect side dish for this or this.” You’ve done it before. We’ve all done it. Those cute little grannies would not be there offering their samples if those samples didn’t work, right?

The SASS method gives you a chance to be present with your customers but not pushy.  It makes it possible to serve rather than sell in most situations.

We’ll be talking about the SASS method and I’ll share with you specific examples of how to make it work for your business.


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