Podcast Junkies? Yes, we are.

We’re a lot alike.  We like to maximize the way we use our time.  Just like our money.  Instead of mindless washing the dishes, folding clothes or doing other daily, mundane tasks…we are learning, laughing and being entertained by podcasts.

In fact, if let’s just say it out loud:  We’re Podcast Junkies.

Podcast Junkies: The Podcaster's Voice
Podcast Junkies: The Podcaster’s Voice

Ah, it feels better saying it out loud, doesn’t it?

After this summer at Podcast Movement, there was this group of  many successful podcasters I look up to all wearing these Charlie Brown yellow colored shirts that said one thing:  Podcast Junkies.

I knew that one of the shows I must learn more about was Podcast Junkies.

Whoa.  Have I been impressed.  Please tell me you’ve been listening into this cool show.  Yup.  It is that good.

This show makes me feel like I’m sitting in a coffee shop (Which I really never do) having a conversation with Harry and his guest.  Not that I’m just observing from a distance, but I’m there.  I’m involved.

Put this show on your list.

So, when cool Harry Duran, show’s creator, interviewer and producer invited me on the show,  I was stunned.  And honored. And a bit terrified.

Sure I was excited.  I have been listening to this show for a while now.  I knew that this was going to be a fun show.  But, we were going to talk about me.  All about me. A full interview.  Everything that I love about the show, getting to know who is the person behind great shows I listen to would be a bit intense.

And yes, I blog & have a podcast.  But the content is sharing stories of what others are doing to improve their finances, not all about me.  I absolutely love to learn more about others. This was different.

And when I’m nervous, I laugh.  A lot.  I thought nobody noticed- but you can sure hear it here.  Could be worse.  I’ve heard some people sweat profusely with nerves.  I’ve heard of those who have to

So, my friend, if you want to know more about me, please have a listen of my interview with Harry Duran.

You can find Podcast Junkies on iTunes!

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