Pantry Challenge Success Story

How’s your pantry challenge going?

Pantry Challenge Wins
Enriched Women reporting in their Pantry Challenge Wins

Are you planning all the family’s meals or just dinner?  There’s no right or wrong way to do this, it’s just about doing it.  What works for you, will help me learn and do better next time.

That’s why I share reader’s success stories.

Because if you’re winning at a pantry challenge, you’re winning with food and money.  Big.  Beautiful.  Bonus.

Here’s Amy (not me.  There’s more than one of us on this little planet.)

Her pantry challenge story has inspired me.  She is a busy school teacher, has major responsibilities in her church, and a true friend.  She has sent me a couple of messages asking about the pantry challenge asking about the rules and so on. She was committed from day 1.

So, this past weekend she sent me this image I was blown away!  Amy had cleared off all the snow on her back patio, dusted off “Old Blue” her trusty outdoor grill (in 15 degree weather) and was ready to fire it up and grill some of that yummy meat she had stored in her freezer for her pantry challenge.

That is some execution, girl.  What focus.

"Ol' Blue" amidst the snow
Cleaned off the snow in 15-degree weather to use her grill and stick to the pantry challenge. Great job, Amy!

Later she told me that it has been too easy to just pick something up on the way home instead of going home to cook a meal.

Oh, I get that.

Now, by having the meat grilled, or a specific meal planned she has a lot more options.  That means healthier choices.   Money saved.

And really, who doesn’t struggle with that challenge?  I’ve heard the biggest excuse for not cooking meals at home is the time.  Something I’m still learning.

A couple days later Amy sent me this picture of her delicious meal.  Mesquite turkey with roasted potatoes. She is an excellent cook and is using her creativity to incorporate all the items in the kitchen.

Thanks for the inspiration, Amy!  What motivation!

Mesquite Turkey & Potatoes
Mesquite Turkey & Potatoes: Pantry Challenge Success

I, ahem…do not possess such a skill.  I can’t seem to look at a recipe and think, “Oh, I don’t have cumin so I’ll put in chili powder and oregano to make it work.”

See what I mean?  I just missed the mark there completely.

A couple of times this week I’ve heard, “It’s not that great, but this is a pantry challenge.”

Oh.  Time to up my game.

It’s been so fun seeing what you are coming up with from your pantries.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a virtual potluck?  We could all post what we’re making in the pantry challenge.  Let’s make that part of next week.  If you’re up for it, send me a picture of what you’ve made from your pantry challenge.  We’ll link to all of them here!

What about you?  What is working in your pantry challenge?

What has been the toughest part of this?

Have you noticed a decrease in grocery costs?

I want to highlight a couple of readers each week in the pantry challenge!

Take a quick minute and let me know in the comments below.


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  1. haha thanks for the shout out! This is weirder and harder than expected! But I have saved some money and am learning creativity in the kitchen. We’ve discussed that before. Not to mention, it really was time to just use all that stuff! Wow! I mentioned it to another friend and while she wasn’t on board with the entire challenge, she DID clean out the pantry. She texted last night and said she threw away items dated 2009… umm… wow! Good year for wine, but maybe not for green beans? haha Keep the challenges coming! I’m loving the added motivation.

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