Girl, Never Be Ashamed to Be a Leader.

Girl, Never Be Ashamed to Lead.
Girl, Never Be Ashamed to Lead.

You, girl, have opportunities to lead.

You lead when you:  deal with relatives, raise children, answer the phone, email or texts, or work with people in person or online.

You are a leader even if you don’t realize it.  

You are a Leader.  Even if you don't realize it.
You are a Leader. Even if you don’t realize it.

Yes, you.

Influence is Leadership

You lead without even knowing it.  You lead others by example, decisions you make; how you talk about other people; and even, by how you dress.  All this, and many more little things you do daily affect your influence.

And, like John C. Maxwell says, “Influence is leadership.”

Some women live their life on defense.  They struggle to keep up with the pace of life.  Schedules of family members can be too much.  They lose themselves in the rush of life.  They live in defense.  They can’t keep up.

Make the decision and live on offense.  This is your life.  You are the leader.  You guide your family, your team to win.  It starts with you.  Have you ever thought about how family traditions happen? They never come to fruition unless you are the guide.

Women Lead. They May Not Even Realize It

You are able to lead.   You lead regularly.   You do, and you may not have even realized it. Need proof?  The holidays are coming up, let’s take Thanksgiving Dinner.

To make a happy Thanksgiving dinner happen you usually:

Don't be ashamed to Lead.
Don’t be ashamed to Lead.
  • Make the plan, menu, and location.
  • Assign others their responsibilities to contribute.
  • Follow up on details. (Make sure the table is set. Use the nice napkins.  Find a fine beverage selection& dessert.  Prepare activities for the kids while they wait, etc.)
  • Execute the plan.
  • Clean up.  And then,
  • Thank everyone for their contribution. (Usually in your personal style.)

Quite frankly, girl, if you can handle all that makes a happy Thanksgiving, you’re not just a leader.  You are an excellent leader. 

Women Hold Ourselves Back from Leading

And yet, there are times, when we as women, don’t want to step up to be the leader.

You know what this feels like.  You find yourself feeling:

  • Almost…ashamed. Ashamed to lead?  Yes.  You know that feeling.
  • Embarrassed to be so ambitious.
  • Guilty that you would even want to be the leader.
  • Frustrated that you are always the one leading.
  • Worried that people will think you have a BIG EGO (when you know that’s not the case.  At all.)
  • Dread of becoming “bossy” to everyone around you.
  • Concerned that being a leader means you are going to hurt other people’s feelings.
  • Uncomfortable standing in the spotlight to take the responsibility for the entire group.
  • Anxious that being the leader means you have to do AAAALLLL the work by yourself.  (Because, girl, you have been there before.)
  • Burnt out because being a leader means it will consume your entire life.  And you’ll neglect your family.  (Not really going to happen. But it sure feels that way.)

I so get it.  Those are real risks.  But it’s also a bunch of baloney.

I’m telling you that you can be that smart, ambitious, driven woman who leads and still be kind. You can have your family as your top priority, and still be able to have more in your life.  You can learn more, lead others, and live your rich life.

I’ve been working for years to understand this.  I used to think it was smart of me to be more timid than I really am, to hold back in the group and keep my enthusiasm in check.  Know what I was doing?  Hiding.  I was holding myself back from giving my best to the world.

I have spent years working to fine tune these lessons into a workable framework for others.

I coach women to teach them how to be a leader, take good care of themselves, and give of their best to others.  It’s possible.  In fact, it’s right there in front of you.

Using the RICH framework, I want to help you:

  • Avoid the hassles of over-extending yourself.  Your energy is your personal  barometer.
  • Save time on the daily chores.  You, my dear, have important work to do.
  • Organize time management challenges.  Prioritize, focus, and get to work.
  • Reduce anxiety by setting up the boundaries and how to engage your thoughts.
  • Connect you with your world.  It starts right where you are.
  • Communicate clearly with those you love.  Be able to have tough conversations.
  • Have more fun.  And laugh.  So much more.
  • Realize your full potential.  And feel fulfilled as a woman.
  • Improve your quality of life.  Starting today.

Sounds big, eh?

I say this, because using these key principles my life has changed.  I’ve been able to make tremendous progress in my own life.  Our marriage has improved.  Home organization doesn’t haunt me anymore.  And perhaps most importantly, I give myself a chance to laugh more.

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