MoneyBus Coaching

MoneyBus Coaching
MoneyBus Coaching


It’s time.  The MoneyBus Coaching course is now available for you. This course will guide you through the world of money management, help you get your finances in order, and set you on the course for financial success.

How does it work?

For 5 weeks,  from January 27 to February 24, 2016, you & I will meet each week either privately online.  We will walk through lessons on finances, talk about strategies to earn more income, and get you started.

This course will be a combination of

  • 5 individual coaching sessions (45-minute sessions) to evaluate your personal situation, challenge you, walk through the budget and give you new assignments to make your finances a complete success.
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group to connect with others in the program.  Learn from their experience, have others cheering you on in your financial journey, and make connections to last a lifetime.
  • direct link to me as your accountability coach when, not if, the challenges arrive.  I’ll be responding within 3 hours of all messages recieved.
  • Additional budget outlines, documents & lots of encouragement to help keep you organized as you create and drive your MoneyBus.

This time will be all about you setting the framework to Drive your MoneyBus to financial success.

What will I learn?

This course will go in-depth on the tough topics:

  • Mindset shift:  how to become a saver when you’re a natural spender, how to balance the saving & spending, how to determine your financial success.  It all starts within.
  • Budgeting styles:  pen and paper, software and spreadsheets, we’ll find the right method for you that you can do today and for a long, long time.
  • Healthy habits:  why what you do throughout the day really matters
  • Debt repayment strategies:  how to find the right one for you, and when you know you are on the right path for you
  • Communication about money:  how to talk to loved ones about what you are doing to improve your finances

You will be able to ask questions daily, build relationships with other members, and share your wins in the journey with our group in a private Facebook community.

What’s my investment?

This combination of group coaching and individual coaching will help us set up a plan, hold you accountable, and help you move forward with the program that will work  for you.

Your investment of $277 can be made on Selz.

Once you have the MoneyBus Coaching application completed, I will contact you within 72 hours.

Note:  As this is the beta program, this is the introductory price.  All other MoneyBus Coaching sessions will be a greater investment.

This group is limited to 10 participants.

How do I get started?

The MoneyBus Coaching will begin the week of  January 20, 2016.

Click here to complete the MoneyBus Coaching application.

It’s time. Drive your MoneyBus.

F A Q’s

 I love what this program has to offer, but I’m already in debt.  How can I really afford it?

Great question.  This is where I was, too.  You are in debt because of your habits right now.  They will never change until you do.  I walk you through those changes so that you understand how what your mind is telling you today that is holding you back.  Most clients are able to find the leak in their budget and get out of debt much, much more quickly with just a few steps.

Are you sure that the investment is worth it?

We have been able to pay off more than $35,000 of debt on one income.  We didn’t do anything fancy.  We followed guiding principles, learned from mistakes, and made small, consistent changes day after day.  By taking the first few steps, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.  So yes, your investment is well-worth what you can gain from this course.

What’s your money-back guarantee policy?

I don’t offer a money-back guarantee.  I don’t want you to wimp out.  I’m fully committed to your success, and with that, I expect you to commit.  I will walk you through the steps; you have to do your part, too. As I take full ownership in the decision to give you my time and service, I expect that you will take the necessary steps to see results.  If no results are made, that will be on you.

How much time will this really take?

This is the money class you never got in high school.  This is the re-training you need to create financial order in your home.  Some weeks it may take you 2-4 hours of invested time.  Other weeks, will be more 1-2 hours.   You need the skills to learn how to handle money, the organization of your finances and keep you on a path where you are headed.

And consider, how much time a week do you spend avoiding your finances?  Do you never pick up the phone as you are pretty sure that it’s a debt collector?  Do you absolutely dread getting the mail because you don’t want to see another bill?  What kind of energy is that costing you each week?  What do you think you could do with that free space in your life? A couple hours each week is a great payoff.

What if I want to take the MoneyBus Coaching course and my spouse doesn’t see the value in the program?

This is why you need it.  You are both on different pages of your financial book.  I would never suggest contradicting a spouse, however, a healthy conversation to look at where you are financially and where you would like to be in 6 months, 1 year and 10 years down the road is needed.  Make the decision together.

Are you ready to actually do this?  It’s time.  Fill out the application and drive your MoneyBus.

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