Money Mindset: Do you know yours?

Money Mindset
Money Mindset

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What is a money mindset?

  • Mindset as defined by
  • “Change is always an inside job.”

How do you create or improve your money mindset?

  • Do this quick exercise to find out what your money mindset is.
  • Share your answer to this exercise using #moneymindset
  • Three steps to adjust your Money Mindset
    1. Step back & decide. (24 hour timeline.)  Establish what you want from life.  Set your plan.  Determine your money mindset.
    2. Evaluate & discuss. (Next 24 hours.)  Look at your mindset paper again.  Decide what needs to change in your life to make that possible. Discuss this mindset & plan with your sweetheart or accountability buddy to evaluate, make adjustments, and put these steps in order.
    3. Write it.  See it. Live it.  Put the phrase, “Money Mindset,” in a noticeable place to remind you of your money mindset. Continue to ask yourself “How does this fit in with my Money Mindset?” Be sure to share your insight & perspective with us using #MoneyMindset.

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