Money and Marriage in our Home

Sure, we all wonder about how money works in other homes.  Today, my husband, Raul Robles joins the show.  We open the curtain and share our struggle with money: the headaches & heartbreaks (that we can now laugh about); working through the fights; making a budget work; and finally, being able to see the finish line so close.

It is nearly an understatement to say that our marriage has completely changed from figuring out the finances.

Raul & Amy Robles
Raul & Amy Robles

Raul & I examine:

  • What we remember of the early days of our marriage trying to figure out our budget.
  • The resentment I had at that time.
  • The turning point that was the biggest fight of our marriage: “the car fight” that changed our lives
  • How I went to the first session of Financial Peace University by myself…and why Raul insisted I go.
  • The discussion after that first session & insight to our desire to change our family tree.
  • Instill hope: The reason I created this blog & podcast.
  • Learning & getting on the same page, working together as a team; our marriage is better for it.
  • The brutality of working through that first budget.
  • Why Saturday mornings working through the budget is the best time of the week for us to make it work.
  • And why Saturday morning budget time has become a habit.
  • The Christmas budget:  why we had to categorize where the money was going.
  • Why we had to decide to allow our daughter to give this holiday.
  • How we have found a balance where Raul focuses on the details, and I keep us looking toward the big vision for our family.
  • What our friends & family have noticed about our situation.
  • How having a budget has allowed us to be much more open about money.  Who knew?
  • The best example is to do it.
  • When did Raul know we were on the right path?  That very first night of FPU.
  •  The moment I knew we were on the right path?  When we could do a budget in just a quick time.
  • The story of “The Little Engine that Could” comparison to our finances.
  • How the element of surprise has been removed from our budget.
  • The jar analogy:  the big rocks, the pebbles, the sand and the water.
  • Raul is more analytical.  I am more abstract and a feeler.  We discuss how our communication styles have changed to be able to connect and reach out so that we are speaking the same language.
  • What advice Raul has for you, the one who knows there is an important conversation that needs to happen to fix your finances.
  • How having the budget eliminates the “awkward stressful conversations” in the store deciding on a purchase.
  • What Raul’s opinion on this podcast & what he has learned from this experience.
  • How Raul has helped me figure out how to work from home, including: setting up business hours;  finding balance in family and creating; and how we are making podcasting a part of our life- but not everything in our life.
  • Raul asks me a question that I’ve never considered before.
  • The element of finances in our marriage has enriched our entire relationships.
  • Raul agrees to return with a status update on what we continue to learn about our finances.

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5 Replies to “Money and Marriage in our Home”

  1. Loved this and I love you! I remember chatting with you as you were about to go to your first Financial Peace class! Oh the good you are doing with sharing your story.

  2. Oh Wow! I just saw your comment, Dawn. Thank you so much for sharing such great information with me, cheering me on in the beginning and supporting us through it all.

    I am so very grateful for you!

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