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Most smart, ambitious women are so successful carrying out the roles in their lives, they end up feeling unfulfilled. If you would like your own copy, fill out this form.

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Smart, Ambitious Woman’s Manifesto

I am a smart, ambitious woman. I am not afraid to say, “I am ambitious,” aloud.

My past has given me the experience to listen to myself, and the trust to know which risks are necessary to succeed.

I have the talents I need to succeed. I don’t wait for someone else to give me permission to be successful. I have my own permission right now.

I work with my hands and my heart. My work is personal. And business. It is part of me.

I respect the voices of counsel around me but listen within to know if my decision is the right one. My faith lights me through each challenge.

My loved ones need me in a way only I can fulfill. I understand the enormous value of these precious relationships. How I balance family and work changes, but I know it’s the right decision for each situation in each timely season.

I choose to support other women, determining the work-family balance the best she can. Rather than criticize, I applaud her efforts. I see her, smile, and acknowledge all that she does.

I know why I do this. My future and the future of those I love depends on what I do today.

I do excellent work, and share that with the world. I earn an incredible income to use wisely. My wealth provides for myself and allows me to bless others in marvelous ways.

I appreciate those times I make mistakes. Those small failures allow me to fail forward. Mistakes pull me closer to achieving my dream faster.

I am kind, knowledgeable, energetic, and determined to achieve my lofty aspirations.

I believe in the solidarity of women. My enthusiasm, zest, and power inspire others to do something to improve themselves. I reach out and encourage them. Working to succeed allows us all to progress.

No one can do this for me. I create my own financial security. That’s why I take wise risks daily.

I am on my personal path to succeed. My thoughts are the gas running my engine. So I speak to myself kindly. I am my greatest supporter. I encourage myself many times throughout the day.

Creativity is the key to my success. Action moves me through the door. Prosperity is mine today.

I use my resources to elevate other women, like me, to succeed. For I know when you strengthen a smart, ambitious woman’s life, you influence not only her but the lives of the many people who lean on her, seek her guidance and support and depend upon her continual efforts.

I am a strong, ambitious woman. I succeed today because I serve.

Do you know why I do this? I don’t think I’ve told you.

I believe in the power of women.

I believe a women should not have to make a choice between earning money to feed her herself and family or taking care of her loved ones.

That’s not a choice; that is the complexity of a woman.

My response to that dilemma is YES. Yes, girl.  Hold your head high, my dear, and earn your income…Yes, be there for your loved ones. Yes, and be sure to do something that makes you deliciously happy along the way.

Because the gift you bring to your loved ones is a happier, more-fulfilled you.

Is there anything more lovely than that?

Today, I want you to relax. Breathe it in. Consider why you strive for your own financial security.

Some of the women I work with:

  • Have had husbands leave them unexpectedly. These women pick up the pieces and hold it together for their children…and figure it out on their own time.
  • Never had a husband at all. They decided and made their own way without any help from day one. The drive and focus they have inspires me.
  • Are working, caring for children, taking care of aging parents, and still maintain their role as the heart of the home. Their daily routine is like five jobs.
  • Have always struggled with confidence. Figuring out their financial foundation is just the first step in their journey.

I do this because I want to make an impact on the world. I believe that when you impact a woman, you touch the lives of everyone she serves. Like ripples in the pond when you drop a pebble, It’s never just one little impact, it is many, many more.

I believe you should prosper.

I believe in you.

Today, review your why. Write it down.

You’re a STAR.

Shine on.