Ep. 73 – How To Make Your Day A Rich Routine Paradox

The RICH Life Framework has made the difference in my life, my focus and my business.

The RICH Life Framework
The RICH Life Framework

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Speak the Lingo:

Today’s Leadership Lingo Term: RICH

The RICH Framework depends on understanding the word.  Rich means living in abundance, plenty of resources, and high value.  This is the entire goal of the RICH Framework.

Habits of Excellence:

This week’s Habit of Excellence: Quick walks for freshness. 

Use the FitBit app to remind you to take a breather.  They say, “Sitting is the new smoking.”  Get up, quick walk and get back to work.

Today’s focus:

The RICH Framework, how to make your day & life the paradox of big picture & intentional daily living.

R is for Refresh.

To Refresh yourself:

RICH Life Framework, Step 1
RICH Life Framework, Step 1
  • Set daily routines.  Consider your micro-routines.
  • Deliberately create a daily routine that creates a regular day of success.
  • Eliminate decision fatigue from your life.
  • “Strenuous thinking leaves your body exhausted,” according to Mark Wilson at CoDesign.
  • Gets you off the roller coaster ride of, “What’s next?”
  • Write down the daily routine, create a daily docket.
  • Auto-pilot magic.
  • This allows you to BE in the moment.
  • The roller coaster of great and mini slopes of life.

These first few steps are how you’ll be able to determine business concept.

Take time to Refresh yourself today.  Set yourself up for a Rich life.

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