How you Think Matters

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 How you think matters.

When you are talking to yourself, you make all the difference in your life.

  • This podcast is one part personal journal of my ups and downs as we are paying off all of our debt and getting our finances completely in order; and, one big part, learning from those who have been successful with money.  We talk to money experts and regular Joes that have made significant strides with their financial situations.
  • Why does it matter “how you think?”  Imagine a pie chart of life, all the important things in your life are in there.  Money is like an oval that touches every aspect of that pie chart.  When your finances are in order it directly impacts other parts of your life.

    Why Talk about Money
    Why Talk about Money
  • Consider, What are you learning from money management strategies?
  • Christmas 2013, we made the goal to pay of $5,000 of credit card debt in 2014.
  • We are a single income family household and we have been able to:
    • Learn how to set up our own budget
    • We made a budget, worked through trial & error.  And the fights.  Oooh, the fights… (we’ve talked about those fights on this episode.)
    • I was on a “shopping detox” and didn’t even realize it.
    • We held each other accountable even on the tough days and paid off $25,000 of debt in 2014.
    • We traveled, visited family, and were able to still pay off another $15,000 of debt in 2015.
  • An additional phase of Thinking Enriched in my personal life, weight loss and tracking my calories, steps and workouts.
  • Thinking about the goal is the first step.  Getting off your hiney is the other part of the equation to achieve any goal.
  • Monthly challenges are part of listening in to Think Enriched.
  • January’s Challenge is the Pantry Challenge. It’s basically 30 days to help you: avoid waste in the kitchen; ensure you are eating healthy well-balanced meals; and clearly, save money. The basic steps are:
    • Make an inventory of your pantry, freezer, and dry goods that you have stocked up throughout the years.
    • Plan meals around these items so to eat up some of that food and avoid waste or continuous shopping of items you or your family doesn’t eat much.
    • Spend as little as possible at the grocery store for the time frame allotted (the month of January.)
  • Share your Friday Wins in the Crew.
  • When you write down your goal, you have your mind in order and focused on achieving it.  When you get to work on that goal, you exercise the discipline to make it possible.  Having both parts of this equation makes you unstoppable!
  • Goals are like dominoes.  Set and achieve one and it will roll you right on to the next.  And the next.
  • That’s what Think Enriched is all about.

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  1. One of the next things I will be working on from a financial standpoint relates to sending my oldest to college in the fall. I have to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. We hoping and planning to do college without debt, but we still have to fill out this form. I’ve heard it takes a bit of work. By the end of January, I hope to have it complete.

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