Holiday Budget Crunch Time

Looking at the calendar, there are only 6 weeks until the holidays are here!  That means (for most of the us) you have 3 paychecks to get ready.  Here’s a suggestion on how to prioritize, shop, and get ready so you can enjoy the holiday cheer!

  •  Make your 2 lists.  (The first list will be split down the middle):
    • Column A:  Names of those you absolutely MUST buy a gift for
    • Column B:  Those who it would be really nice to give to.
    • List 2:  Realistically, write the amount of money from each separate paycheck between now & the holidays you can spend on gifts.
  • Understand the consequences:
    • You can buy it all on credit cards, but you’ll have to pay interest.  This could really set you back for your 2016 goals.
    • Shopping & delivery:  How valuable is your time?
    • Handmade goods, baked goodies are fun to make:  How much time do you really have?
    • Shopping online:  Consider paying a couple bucks to pay for wrapping, instead of spending days wrapping all the gifts.
    • Delivery time:  Are the gifts going to the neighbor’s house or across town?

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