Heather Shue | Money, Military Life, & Minimalism

Heather Shue
Heather Shue

Heather Shue, of Simply Save Minnesota. shares her story of how she has learned the live teh good life at a cheaper price.

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We discuss:

  • How she got started.  Just a year ago she was in an entirely different situation.
  • How she spent too much in Afghanistan while serving for her country, and what that taught her.
  • The moment she realized that if the government were to shut down, what that would do to her.
  • How young kids, freshly new in the military, gives  full-time salary to 19 year-olds and they don’t know what to do with it.
  • If kids are not learning money management at home, where are they learning it?
  • “Don’t fall prey to ‘Rental Car Lust.'” That new car feeling when you rent a car is seductive.  Don’t fall for it.
  • Heather re-focused her goals for 2015.  Wait until you hear what she did with those!
  • She has put her retirement payment above holiday spending to complete the goal.
  • The holiday season is not a SURPRISE.  They happen every year!
  • How she is finding the balance of paying off aggressively her car payments and not dipping into the savings to survive.
  • She shares to inspire others that you can break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck!
  • Heather has started practicing minimalism, but she says, “Minimalism is HARD.”
  • “Life can be short.  I focus on the things I love and enjoy.”
  • “It just feels good to just eliminate stuff.”
  • Experiences matter more to Heather than cleaning, one reason minimalism has been part of her transition.
  • Eliminating the clothes has been a process for her. It’s one piece at a time that will be leaving.
  • How she has evolved as a person working through these goals.

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