No Guru Needed. Your Guiding Light and Grit are Enough.

You have answers.

The answers to the easy questions like, “Where are my keys?” Or, “What time do we have to leave?”

Strong, Ambitious Women Listen Within
Strong, Ambitious Women Listen Within

As a smart, ambitious woman, you love to have the answers.

What about the questions you’re not asking out loud?

Who answers those for you?

A Guru is Not the Answer

Strong, ambitious women lie to themselves.  The struggle with self-doubt every day. It’s probably not even their fault- that’s how they were raised.

It’s scary to be the one leading the pack, keeping things going.  The fears we carry are real.  How can we know who to trust?  We can easily put up our walls and be stuck in the “Us vs. The World,” mentality.

But this has to stop.

Following some guru is not the answer.  Gurus share watered down advice meant for the masses. While some good things come from their wisdom, most may not apply to you, my friend. Because…

You are one of a kind.

You have the answers.

Look at yourself

Tonight as you are winding down from another busy day, I hope you look at yourself in the mirror.

Not just run through the mental list of all you’ve got to do tomorrow, I mean, really see yourself in the mirror.

When was the last time you thought about all you accomplished…today?

Not this week, this holiday season, I mean today.

You reached out to a friend- even though you were going to close your eyes for a few minutes and rest.

You ate a healthy lunch- even with that big, chocolate covered donut staring at you…and why was it calling your name???

When was that last time you really looked at you?

You. Are. Extraordinary.

Give yourself some credit.

Trust Yourself and Your Guiding Light

Trust yourself. You are the smart, ambitious woman taking care of others, guiding them along, keeping them going, and all of this is happening… on time!

You have a guiding light within.  Call it intuition.  Call it the Spirit.  Call it what you want…but it’s in you.

The best ideas, dreams, inner ambitions start within. No one knows you better than yourself. Time to trust that.

Step Forward and Be Brave

Rather than follow some message for the masses, I hope you listen to the intense beating in your heart and move toward it.

Bravery starts within.

Once you trust what makes you weird…it makes you become wonderful.

That’s where the answers are.  Trust that weird thing. Take a risk.

Watch what will happen as you do.

Your path is unique to you.

Trust yourself and prepare to be amazed.

You have the answers already.

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