Ep. 87 – Warning: This is How You Get Customers to Act Now

Warning: This is How You Get Customers to Act Now

Get Your Customer to Act Now
Get Your Customer to Act Now

Sales Funnel Series, Part 3

Show Notes

Think of that guy you see on your daily routine.  You develop a relationship with a stranger.

This is the process your customer goes through.  First, they Acknowledge you, then they connect (a relationship is made), then they are willing to try what you do.  That is, they have enough trust to spend money with you.

A:  Acknowledge

C: Connect

T: Trust/ Try

Research from over 2,000 customers showing how far companies must go to please (or alienate) customers. *

Customer-centered marketing (aim at the customer) >> Customer-first marketing (elevate the customer).

Your customers today are:

  • modern empowered customers
  • people looking for personalization
  • those that value efficiency

The number 1 reason people were satisfied customers is: “I consistently have good experiences with it.”

The number 1 reason people were unsatisfied customers is: “The company does not put my needs and wants above its own business goals.”

The key to getting your customers to act is to show empathy.

You are already doing this. You show empathy throughout the day, meaning you know what they are going through.  The thoughts, feelings, or attitudes of others.

There is not another group of people on the planet that can match the level of empathy of smart, ambitious women.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  — Zig Ziglar, Secrets of Closing the Sale, 1984

The steps to showing empathy & getting your customer to act are:

1.  Make the Connection

  • Starting to get them to act is starting a conversation.
  • Make it genuine.
  • Be right there with your customer.

2.  Speak their language

  • Big companies have brand ambassadors.  You are your own ambassador.
  • This is the long-game.  Building trust takes time.
  • Speak to your customer in her moment.  (Think the woman on the bus at day’s end.  She’s not stupid.  She’s tired.)

3.  Be Orginal.  Be true.  Be You.

  • Don’t put anything you out there you wouldn’t want shown on the Times Square Billboard to be shown.
  • They may copy your graphics, color & design…they can’t copy YOU.  You are the secret weapon.
  • Share what’s going on in your journey.  Really connect.

4.  Remember, It’s not about you. Make it about them.

  • Find ways to make it an easy convenient sale.  Example: great reminders come through Instagram.  Show the story of how you got where you are/ created your product/ get through the process of ideas…
  • Think, what else?  What else does my customer want with this?Example:  Selling a product…add a sample of the companion product.
  • Make it easy to buy. Have the next step in the process there for them.  Example: Amazon as a search engine.  You can find it, click, and do nothing with credit card info because they’ve saved it there for you.

5.  We’re all busy. Time is of the essence.

  • At the end of the day, we all need deadlines.
  • Set a deadline and stick with it. (No one takes you seriously until you do.)
  • Add some sort of bonus with your purchase if you act now.
  • Follow up. Sometimes people get distracted.

6.  You + Your product is an irresistible team!

  • This is the biggest truth I want all smart, ambitious women to understand:  People aren’t buying the product, they are buying you.  They trust you.  You already have people who trust you- let them have your best.
  • Confidence comes when you take action.  Start.  Ask.  And move forward.

7.  Ask:  will you _____?

  • Some less-effective business coaches tell you, “The next thing to do is…” as you walk customers through the steps of the purchase.  NO.
  • Have some class.  Treat them like you want to be treated.
  • Start invite with, “Will you ______ ?”

8.  Show them what to do next.

  • Don’t assume they know. (Don’t give them a fish!)  Think of this podcast.  I take the ir phones from their hands, show them where the podast app is, put in the show title or my name and click subscribe.
  • Tell them, “Great!  Do this next…”
  • Thank them directly.
  • Take them to the next step.

Social Media Steps to Get them to Act

Consider opportunities like this for social media:

  1. Ask a question.  Something that can be used a conversation starter.
  2. Set a timer for 5 minutes and follow the hashtag rabbit hole. Like & connect.  How do you start convos?  Use a question.  Here’s the key:  when the timer is up, you are done.
  3. Serve others in social media. (this the modern, empowered customer era) Answer questions.  Share info.
  4. Offer to help 1:1.

Real Life Steps to Take so Customers Spot You

The best way to get customers to act.

The process is: See > Serve > Share > Stay Steady :

  1. See:  they see me, I see them.
  2. Serve:  help them somehow.
  3. Share: tell them what you do and why.
  4. Stay Steady:  If they say no- you do not change how you treat them.  This is where many smart, ambitious women fail in the Sales Funnel.

So, How Do You Quickly Get Started with Your Solid Sales Funnel?

  • Take one step and start moving forward.
  • Next time I’m going to show you how to do even more and get your customers to start talking about you.
  • You have big work to do. I love showing you how to simplify the steps so you are working smarter instead of harder.

If you have questions, are looking for even more insight, you can send me an email at: amy@thinkenriched.com.

* Resource:  https://www.marketingsherpa.com/

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