Ep. 78 – How to Beat Those Negative Thoughts

Today’s episode is going in a different direction.

How to Treat Yourself Better
How to Treat Yourself Better

We all struggle with negative thoughts.

Sure, we have them.  But they can seriously get in the way of what we are focusing on.

You know this. You’ve heard this before, perhaps it’s just been mentioned in a different way.

The sayings go:

  • “He’s his own worst enemy.”
  • “If he would just get out his own way…”
  • “That kid just trips over himself…”
  • “She’ll talk herself out of it every time.”

So many of the people we love are letting the thoughts in their minds rule their lives.

Including us.

We have to be so aware of that.  Don’t you dare let your own thoughts get in the way of your progress.

This new insight has been of tremendous value for me and I want you to hear about it.  These insights are notes gleaned as I read “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself,” by Dr. Shad Helmstetter.

Negative thoughts… they can pop up anytime.

Here’s how to beat them.

  1. Understand that your mind is a computer.
  2. The programming of that computer has been done.
  3. Change the program.
  4. Use the 1:5 ratio to make that happen.
  5. Make Self-Talk a regular part of your day.
  6. Record your new program.

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