Ep. 77 – How to Have Happy, Successful Business Relationships


This episode continues to explain the RICH Life Framework.  Today


Happy Successful Biz Relationships
Happy Successful Biz Relationships

Adding a new segment to the show, occasionally we’ll be sharing a newsflash or interesting tip that applies to all of us.

Today’s newsflash is, the good people at Podcast Movement mentioned me and Think Enriched, as one of 10 women you should know at PM17.

See the post here.

Speak the Lingo:

Today’s Leadership Lingo Term: Network

Too many of us are concerned to start an income stream because, “I don’t want to be too salesy…” Or, “I don’t know anyone.”

Oh please.

Consider the people you see at:

  • school drop off
  • kids’ activities
  • the gym
  • church groups
  • the same checker at the grocery store that is so friendly
  • neighbors

Use your skills and gently reach out to those in your daily routine.  Those tiny conversations build the seed of trust with others.

This is how you begin to plant the seeds of your  network.

Habits of Excellence:

This week’s Habit of Excellence: The Power Nap. WebMD shares why a power nap is more effective than caffeine.

When’s the last time you’ve had a power nap?

  • 20-minute nap :(Stage 2 nap) is good for alertness & motor learning skills like typing and playing the piano.
  • 30 to 60-minute naps helps decision-making skills, vocabulary memorization and direction recall.
  • 60 to 90-minute naps allow you to make new brain connection and creative problem solving.

How to Nap.  Yes, really.  We need to re-learn to energize ourselves:

  • Be consistent. Keep a napping schedule.  (1 to 3pm is prime time.)
  • Go dark. Nap in a dark room if you can.
  • Stay warm. Use a blanket, as your body temp drops while you snooze.

Today’s focus:

Here’s how to have happy, successful business relationships.

  1. Be genuinely interested.
  2. Learn about them because it’s fun.
  3. Unexpected surprises.

The best way to grow a new business relationship is to plant the seed.

Next time you are working to create a solid business relationship, remember the acronym PLANT.  What is PLANT?  Simply, it is this:

  • P: PLAN. “When you don’t know where you are headed, any path will take you there.”
  • L: LISTEN. The best networkers know more about others.  Show that you are listening (active listening skills.)  Ask smart questions.
  • A: AUTHENTIC. Let people know that who you are at the dinner table is who you are in the office.  Let them see you.
  • N: NEED.  Watch for needs that you can fill.  We’re not talking money, here.  Small needs that pop up.
  • T: TRUST. Trust is credit which builds over TIME.  You need to consistently be working on the first four skills to build that trust.

A few ways to incorporate the PLANT strategy:

  • Listen more intently.
  • Fill a need that you can.
  • Surprise people along the way.
  • Turn a daily acquaintance into a business colleague.


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