Money? Drive Your MoneyBus

“Drive Your MoneyBus,” a phrase I say regularly.  Know what that means?  Today, I’ll walk you through what it means to Drive your MoneyBus.

Drive Your MoneyBus
Drive Your MoneyBus
  • You were given a MoneyBus as an adult.  No one can drive that bus but you.
  • Your MoneyBus may look different than others.  It doesn’t matter, you are the one driving.
  • You have to study and practice to get an actual driver’s license, but it’s not like for money.
  • Money matters, but it’s only part of the equation.  A life that has meaning is the real purpose.
  • The MoneyBus is a powerful piece of machinery.  It’s always moving either forward or backward.  You have to control it.
  • The gas that powers this engine is your income.  Use it wisely.  Make smart decisions.  Determine wants/needs.This gives you more to use.
  • You need a map or GPS, your budget.  This is your plan to get you from this paycheck to the next.
  • If the conditions change, you stop, make adjustments and you “recalculate” the plan.
  • Driving the MoneyBus is a big responsibility.  It can take you directly to the destination or run straight in the gutter.
  • Your MoneyBus doesn’t look like others.  Start with where you are, with the size of the vehicle you have and move forward.
  • That small vehicle can transform into a sedan.  You have more space to work with and can live more comfortably.
  • You have even more power at your fingertips.
  • The MoneyBus is loaded.  You are able to help others on their journey as you continue on your journey.
  • You can find even more opportunities to enrich lives with your MoneyBus!
  • So go on, now.  Drive Your MoneyBus!

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