Control Your Cash This Christmas

You can control your cash this Christmas!

Don't be a deer in the headlights
Don’t be a deer in the headlights

The tidal wave of sales promos, deals, and opportunities to spend way more money than you ever imagined are on their way!

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Notes from the episode:

  • The power of getting your Finances in order
  • Set the framework for your life with your finances
  • Join the Think Enriched Crew
  • White-tailed deer have poor vision, they’re crepuscular
  • When a deer freezes in the headlight, it has nothing to do with fear.  It is so much light flooding their eyes that the brain can’t process it.  Better explained by the NY Times.
  • There is a flood of bombardment coming your way for holiday season shopping, you have to be prepared so you don’t freeze like a deer in the headlights.
    1. Pick your number.
    2. Make the list.
    3. Work the plan.
  • Never let a celebration overturn your financial path!

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