Enriched Woman 90, Because You Deserve To Be Happy.

You can have a life you love and believe without sacrificing your own happiness.

I know you’ve thought that.  Before the diapers, before the job that sucks the life out of you, before all the moving, before all that.

You once thought it was possible to have an incredible life.

Now you’re just hoping to have a life.

It’s hard to hear this, I know.

Today I want to give you your own permission slip to dream again.  Just for you.  

Because, you can live the life you intended.  The one where you: have your own thing and still take care of those depending on you.

Somehow, you’ve lost yourself in the many directions of life.  It’s time to realize, there’s a price you pay for not dealing with this.

If you keep overlooking yourself, it just gets worse.

When most Moms try to fix more than what they can, the mental exhaustion and burn doesn’t improve.  It just gets worse.  Most feel judged for decisions they’ve made for their children.  They are secretly unhappy.  They have lost themselves in daily life.

These women:

  • Feel frustrated with their situation, yet have no idea how to fix it.
  • Feel guilty asking for their own thing, so they don’t.
  • Want their own identity, free from being Mom, Wife, or Employee for just a while.
  • Need more time and money in their life to fix this.
  • Want some good friends to laugh with and have some FUN.

What changes if you don’t do something about this?  Nothing.  You stay stuck in the situation.  This could go on for years.

How I help you get back to YOU, that Enriched Woman.

Tell me honestly, do you feel hopelessly alone?

Being a Stay at Home Mom can be brutally lonely.

No one wants to talk about it.

While spouses get into work life, kids are making new friends, Mom either needs to find her thing quickly or fight the loneliness.  Our society means less face-to-face contact.  Moving around the globe for a new job, means starting over with new relationships.

I have answers for you.  This is just one of the reasons I’ve created Enriched Woman 90(Clicking on that link takes you straight to the application.)

Here’s why: in 2009, we had just moved to Hawaii. We were still in the earliest years of our marriage, it should have been the happiest time in my life.

But it wasn’t.

My mom had just passed away. I had spent the previous months at her side, at chemo, cancer screenings and caring for her at home. I was lost in grief. My husband was away on business most of our time there. I was truly alone. I also wasn’t myself and connecting with others was hard.

I had just experienced 8 life-changing events in a quick 2-months time. Loneliness was a real component in my life.

I had to learn how to trust myself, how to find my own groove to survive. It didn’t happen overnight.

You can connect with new friends in a brand new area.  Through Enriched Woman 90, I help you build your confidence so you connect with others.

“But, I feel guilty asking for my own thing.”

Guilt can kill us. As women, we take care of others constantly.

Do not feel guilty for asking for your own thing.

You are not taking away from your family when you tell them you need your own outlet.

Having your own thing has never been a question of time, rather a question of your own value. When you value yourself, you are giving yourself opportunity to breathe and grow.

When you jump into your own project/ or business/ or service organization/ or your own new hobby, you tap into your creativity. You discover your pools of energy and your personal zest for life. You are able to get to back to being you. Not the wife, the Mom, the parent of, only you.

This program helps you end the guilt, value yourself, take the first steps toward your dream, and make you a priority in your schedule.

And we don’t just talk about it.  Through Enriched Woman 90, we support you to take those first few steps so that you can find that zest again!

“You can only clean a toilet with a smile for so long.”

Nobody wants to clean the house.

Know what else?  Nobody wants Mom to be crazy because the house is a mess.

Here’s the best secret  on housework I’ve learned: you don’t clean the house in a day. It will overwhelm you.  Follow a system and do 15 minutes a day. That’s it.

Set up the system. Make your home run better.  Conquer that frustration and focus on your real priorities.

One of the big steps of Enriched Woman 90, is that you will establish your system for home cleanliness and we will hold you accountable to do that for 90 days.

Think of how your home will look once you have the habits of a smart home cleaning system built in.

You can say “No” and still be nice.

Somewhere along the way we learned that saying “No,” means we just don’t care. That’s not only testing our boundaries, it’s simply not true.

Define your own boundaries, turn down others, and keep your niceness intact?

Yes, you can.

Saying “No,” is a source of strength. It shows that you have confidence in your choices.

I’ll walk you through several ways you can positively turn down an offer and remain kind.

How freeing will that be?  Enriched Woman 90 walks you through the steps of saying “No,” maintaining your confidence, and focusing on where you should be putting your energy.

Enriched Woman 90 is for you:

Enriched Woman 90 is different.  This is a limited time where we work together in a group and individually, to give you the best of both worlds.

This program is about results.  I’ll share with you how you can:

  • Refresh your soul, and re-charge your energy in just a few minutes a day.
  • Find new ways to reach out, make new friends, and determine if this is the right choice for you.
  • Set systems to take care of the house so that you can do your thing
  • Get back to you YOU. Return your confidence, find your zest again, and set your clear boundaries 
  • Say no and still be nice.
  • End the loneliness that Moms can feel.
  • Find time to LAUGH and enjoy your friends.

“Who is Amy Robles anyway?”

I’m Amy Robles. I’m Mom, wife, and a friend. We’ve moved several times, and I know what it’s like to create a new home, find new friends, and re-create myself in this consistent, transitional status.

“I am focused on making an impact on a few women’s lives. And together, we will influence the world.”

Helping a woman is not just helping one person. I believe that impacting a woman’s life is more than just affecting one life. Once women truly begin to value themselves and understand the incredible impact they make, they step up, lead their loved ones and others, to do tremendous good in the world.

It starts with each of us.  That’s why Enriched Woman 90 matters to me.

What is Enriched Woman 90

When you sign up for Enriched Woman 90 today, we will work together and focus on you, design your Enriched Life, and get you started living.  We will meet individually and in small groups online, so that we can dig deeper to get started on your Enriched Life today.

In fact, we will:

  • Design your framework to create your Enriched Life.
  • Minimize the housework, and still maintain your clean house.
  • Build your confidence, find positive outlets for you, so you can connect with others, like IRL.
  • Evaluate your time management, so you ask for what you need.  And want.  And receive it.
  • Set your healthy boundaries where you can make sure you have time to take care of you.
  • Carve out and ensure you are giving yourself at least 5 hours per week to work on your dream.

Imagine you, an Enriched Woman.  A confident woman who knows her role, where she is going, and follows her goal with her head and her heart.


“Amy’s ability to ask just the right questions to lead you to the heart of your issue is uncanny.  She has a gift! Nobody on the planet could make you feel more supported. A connection made with Amy is instantly a strong one, and is valuable beyond measure.”    -Kristen, Hawaii

“Amy is inspiring and motivational.  One of those people who genuinely wants to help see people succeed. She’s real and beautiful inside and out. The perfect combination for a coach.”  – Sheena, Utah

“Amy’s positivity is amazing. She has the ability to connect with all kinds of people. She is warm, funny, and you can’t help but feeling hopeful, lifted, and motivated after working with her! She is the kind of woman you dream of having as a neighbor and best friend.”                 -Sharla, Arizona

“Amy has an uncanny ability to discern. She is an incredible listener and is intuitive about what others around her might need.”  -Megan, Alabama

“Amy’s zest for life and desire to help women achieve more in their lives is truly inspiring. If you resonate with her message, take this opportunity to work with Amy in her new coaching program.”  -Jeff, Delaware

My Genuine Integrity Guarantee

Mom life is full of enough surprises.  Because I believe Enriched Woman 90 will help you so much, I’m taking all the risk.

My “Genuine Integrity Guarantee,” means that my integrity is worth more to me than a few dollars.

Try it for 30 days to see if this works for you.  If it does, you’ll be on your way to becoming an Enriched Woman and set up for your best year yet.  And, I’m pretty confident that will happen.

Yet, if you’re not 100% satisfied then just let me know- and you will get all your money back.

No hassle.  No frustration.  You have enough of that in life already.

Finally, It’s time to get back to You, that Enriched Woman.

Enriched Woman 90, Apply here
Enriched Woman 90, Apply here

You have a choice:  Do exactly what you’ve been doing (or nothing, which is worse).  Is that what you want?

Take a new path, get a new result.

Finally be able to work on  your dream.

What do you want?  Here’s what you’ll do now:

Apply here.

Once you fill out the application, I  will read through, take some notes and will respond back to you within in 48 hours.  We will schedule a conversation, either on the phone or online, for your free 30-minute call.  You’ll get a few tips you can put use directly and we will discuss if this is the right fit for you.

Simply by applying, you’ll get a free 30-minute coaching call.