Debt Free Guys| Be debt free. Have fun. Be money conscious.

The Debt Free Guys visit Think Enriched today! David Auten & John Schneider, share their story of how they were both working in the financial industry and found themselves with $51K of credit card debt.  Hear how they went from that point to now teaching others to live their motto:  Be debt free.  Have fun.  And be money conscious.

We’ll look at:

Debt Free Guys
Debt Free Guys
  • How they earned that debt. [1:20]
  • That Aha moment that changed their lives. [3:03]
  • Their 4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life [3:23]
  • Why it’s important to be Money Conscious. [4:18]
  • What triggered David to track every dollar for an entire year. [5:50]
  • How they decided what they really want in life. [8:38]
  • Why it’s important to have fun while you are living debt free. [10:16]
  • What is NSE (Not so Expensive) is their lifestyle. [10:39]
  • How they use coupons and live fabulously. [12:07]
  • How they deliberately chose to stay away from being “house poor.” [12:51]
  • What it means to visualize and socialize their debt free commitment. [14:18]
    • How they told friends and family what they were doing. [14:42]
    • How many friends and family are in the exact situation you are- but never talk about it. [15:00]
    • How you can talk about money with friends and family. [16:10]
  • What they learned from The Road to Wellness [17:00]
  • Why you should subscribe to Monday Money Minute [19:42]
  • How you can avoid budget creep. [21:02]
  • How to connect with Debt Free Guys. [22:08]
  • You can have a good life and live debt free. [22:51]

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Think Enriched with Amy Robles
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