Purify Skin Therapy Giveaway Winner!

Hello! I am lucky enough to get to announce the winner of our first giveaway at Woman Enriched. My name is Dawn and  I love chocolate, using essential oils and finding ways to simplify my life. As simple as can be with four young children that is. I recently started my own virtual assistant business and assist Amy here at Woman Enriched. I started using Purify Skin Therapy’s Skin Care just over a week ago and really love it. My favorite thing about it is that it is made fresh to order. I had never heard of fresh to order skin care before! I am glad I no longer use skin care filled with preservatives and other chemicals. This skin care is gentle and leaves my skin glowing.

And the winner is . . .



Holly at Purify Skin Therapy is so generous and offered three skin care packages!

Congratulations Kitty, Amy and Wendy! Be looking for an email to claim your prize.

Keep Chemicals off your Face- Use Purify Skin Therapy

It’s our first giveaway!  As WomanEnriched is just beginning to grow, there is a much, much higher chance for YOU to win.  And I hope you do, because this is GOOD!

Giveaway Time!


Who doesn’t love great skin?  After years of tanning, living near the water and having not enough sunblock on, I didn’t have the smooth skin I once enjoyed.  My cheeks were broken out, red and blotchy looking from all the damage I’d done.  Who ever thought that I could have nice smooth skin again after all that?  Crazy chemical treatments were the only way to get some life back into my skin, I’d thought.

But I have found something extraordinary!  This is different than anything I’ve ever tried.  Purify Skin Therapy was created by a Certified Medical Aromatherapist.  You know, someone who went to school for 8 years to learn how to use essential oils to help heal the body, kind of aromatherapist.  In fact, if we were in France, you could go to the doctor, and she could prescribe an essential oil heal remedy rather than a prescription.  This aromatherapist is not just one of the few in the United States, she is also my close friend, Holly Draper.  She has been  very dear to me for a couple of decades.  Holly is the real deal, a great Mom and wife, in addition to being a Certified Medical Aromatherapist.  Someone who I trust.  I have worked alongside her in many capacities and have been in awe of her dedication to give her all until late in the night, only to get up early and do it all again.  Holly created this skin care line for herself, never intending to sell it.  But the word got out.  And people can’t get it fast enough.

Purify Skin Therapy

Purify Skin Therapy is 100% Natural and Organic.  There’s a long, lengthy list of all the stuff that isn’t in these products, you can find that here.  What you do find here is the good stuff, like Organic Essential Oils, Rosehip Seed oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Peppermint and spearmint (both great for healing.) You even use it differently.

Step 1: Organic Tea Tree Creamer Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Purify Skin Therapy
Organic Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Wow,  I love how fresh my skin feels after using this cleanser.  At the end of the day, I take a little bit, rub it into my skin WITH my make up still on.

I rub it over my eye make up all around my face, then with a warm, wet washcloth I cover my entire face.  It’s like  a mini steam facial, then wipe it off.  From the first time, I tried it, I couldn’t believe how it removed the make up so well, but was so gentle to my skin.

Step 2: Tangerine Blast Toner

Purify Skin Therapy
Tangerine Blast Toner

Who wants giant pores showing through makeup?  This toner comes in a spray, misting lightly.

Hands down, this is the very best toner I’ve ever used on my skin.  The tangerine aroma really energizes you, while it works to shrink pores, help balance your skin’s pH and tighten that skin, revealing fresher, younger looking skin. This may be my favorite part of this skin care system.

Step 3: Silk Face & Body Daytime Moisturizer

Purify Skin Therapy
Silk Face & Body Daytime Moisurizer

I give the toner a minute for my skin to fully absorb it, then the moisturizer blends right in.  This light moisturizer is healing and is absorbed by the skin quickly so you won’t have that heavy feeling.  My skin feels soft, but not greasy, exactly what a moisturizer should do.

Purify Skin Therapy offers other products, including a full line of essential oils, not just the regular kind either.  These are organic, wild-crafted, medicinal grade oils.  Along with essential oil blends, and trainings on what to look for in your family’s aromatherapy practices.

And here’s the best part,  a WomanEnriched reader,  when you type AMY in the Coupon Code box, you’ll save 15% on your first order.

Wednesday, April 30, at 5pm, Pacific Time, one of YOU, WomanEnriched friends, will win an Essential Purifying System, (STEPS 1, 2, and 3) by doing two simple things:  1.  Like Purify Skin Therapy on Facebook; and 2. commenting on this post.  In your comment, simply answer to the question: “What do you love most about your face?”

Winner  will be contacted by email given in the comment section. Void where prohibited.  I don’t even know what the means, I just wanted to say it.  This post is sponsored, in part, by PurifySkinTherapy.  All opinions therein are purely mine.

Gardening is more than dirt under fingernails: what this little garden is teaching me about life.

Our landlord left us a small garden.  Last summer it flourished and we have hoped to create something…along those lines.  This, though, is a big risk for me.  Big.  A garden, really?  My Mom had great gardens and fed us all kinds of delicious veggies throughout the summer.  It was wonderful,  but working in the garden was her thing. We would see her early morning out hoeing, checking on the peas, looking for more cucumbers and finding more zucchini.  Then a few more zucchini.  Then, somehow one three foot long honker that should have probably been in the state fair.  But gardening, was her thing.

Why didn’t I learn to garden?  How did I miss that?  And, far more importantly, why was I so nervous about doing this on my own?  

Learning to Garden

I’d asked friends to teach me, offered part of the garden space so I could watch and follow their steps, even joined a couple of Facebook Groups about gardening and created  a new Pinterest board  so it looked like I knew something.

Why have I been so nervous to try it on my own?

And it hit me, because I don’t want to fail.

Oh, brother. Did I really just say that?  I don’t want to fail. I’m a grown up.  I know that somethings are tricky. I understand that  in order to succeed at anything in this life, I am going to fail a few times first.  But I have seen other people’s gardens.  They are gorgeous, like poetry in foliage, colors and smells and beauty all around, how could I even attempt something like that?  Well, quite frankly, I don’t.  I just start where I can. Our garden is going to be just our style.  Maybe not super fancy, but something can be proud of.  And, what if it doesn’t work?  Well then, I’ve learned something here. And I can try it again, and again.  Until one day we have zucchini coming out our ears!  That’s where strength and confidence in yourself and your abilities come from.  You do it.  Then you do it again, and again, and again.

What a wake up call that was for me!  So, I jumped right in.  I questioned myself as we bought seeds. Was it an English cucumber or a summer select variety we preferred? Uh…we’ll try both.  I started to doubt myself as we purchased garden gloves for me and my daughter.  Then I really wondered if I had a clue when we had gone to three different stores to find that “Mythical Hoe Like Thing” that I was looking for.  HomeDepot came through! A few hours outside, a lot of dirty fingernails and we now have  a little garden going. It’s one of those things you just have to start.  You learn by doing. The more you do, the more you learn.

We are now a couple of weeks in on the garden project, my two year-old loves our garden time in the mornings. We have gone through the steps of getting the ground ready, planting seeds, watering and checking in.  It has become part of our routine, and brought us closer by working on this little goal together. And we both look forward to it now.  The smell of the fresh dirt being turned lights my soul. I know there are people who can’t get enough of gardening, and I thought it would be another chore to add to our daily list.  Oh no!  This little garden has brought me intense joy.  One Saturday afternoon, Dad was working out in the yard, I was finishing up the planting and our little girl was running around playing.  As I looked up, my heart was filled with so much gratitude for all that we had been given, for the beauty of this place, for the way we were led here, for our hard working little family, and ultimately, for Him. What a moment of pure joy!  How many of those do we get in life?

And as I look back, I think, What if I hadn’t even started?  Even thinking, what if this ends up a colossal failure? I told my husband I wasn’t sure that anything would grow here, as I’m not familiar with the climate.  He gently reminded me that Washington is called Evergreen State for good reason.  And to trust myself.

Learning to Garden

That’s it, isn’t it?  We need to trust ourselves more.  If we have a strong impression to try something new, there is a good possibility that we will learn something great in the process. We will see ourselves as someone new.  We will become better.  We will grow.  Our lives will be fully enriched because we have risked, tried something new, because it’s not about the finished product, it’s about the process.

I plan to report in some garden updates throughout the summer.  We may have some renegade carrots, or we may have critters find our little patch, but I am enjoying the process of this garden project.

You have something like that, don’t you?  Something you want to do.   And there are some great lessons to learn as you start. Take the risk.  Step forward.  Make it happen.  Just remember, you might fail a few times first.

I can’t wait to hear all about it.



Time Together Creates Family Traditions Which Keep you Strong.

We’re a military family.  We move regularly. In fact, in 8 years we have lived in 3 different states. Not abnormal for military families, just a lot of change.  I hear you get used to it. I like the change part, but I still get butterflies getting set up in a new place.

I love finding a new post office, locating my next Super Shopping Center, and connecting with new friends, and the new places we call home.  Every place is a whole new world to us. Our last home was 900 feet-squared compared to our now 3,000+ square foot home we are renting.  At first, it felt like a museum.  Now we have become very comfortable. But all of this change is not just part of military family’s life, lots of families are moving regularly.  In fact, even if you have lived in the same home for the past 10 years, change is always a part of life.  So the question is,  With so much change, how do we remain connected as a family?

Dinner time.

Family Traditions

With kids running to various activities, family members working extra hours, dinner time can get lost in the shuffle. Some research has shown that having family dinner regularly decreases depression, substance abuse problems, and even teen pregnancy, and helps create better eating habits and improved academic performance. Well, that’s a great motivator.  That alone, tells me it’s important to make this a priority.

But let’s be real. Currently, in our home, we don’t have a dining room table.  We have the space and the table, but eating at the counter has been working for us.  We make it a point to leave the iPhones in the charger while we eat, to help eliminate distractions.  This step, along with our stories of the day,  has pulled our family closer.  I’ve noticed when we are running to swim lessons or Scouts, we seem a bit disjointed compared to the nights where we sit down, enjoy a meal and talk about the day.  Just hearing the two year-old tell Dad how she “worked in the garghen [garden], take a nap, and watch a Sheshame Sheet [Sesame Street]” makes all of us happier.


This is a big one for us.  This Easter we are closer to home, but not quite there.  We will be celebrating with friends here.  I’m not even sure their religious background.  And you know what?  It doesn’t really matter to us.  This Saturday, we want to enjoy family time, see the kids run and play and let us all laugh.  We’ll take care of the religious meaning on Sunday.

Does every holiday have special meaning for your family?  Is there one set tradition that you repeat for every holiday or do you try something new this time, then next time and the time after that?  It seems that declaring a holiday, and making it a special day together has been the most important for us.

Special Occasions

These are those days that mean very little to the rest of the world, but a pretty big deal to your family.  I’m thinking of, “Our little one finally is officially potty trained.”  By the way, we are not there yet, she is taking her own sweet time in that department.  The special days like, “Dad got a raise,”  “Junior aced that test,” “He just earned 3 more merit badges,” kind of days need to be celebrated, too.  How do you do that for your family?  I’m learning that we would celebrate with an ice cream or a treat, and I want to find better ways to celebrate the small victories without using food as a crutch.  Really, what are your thoughts?

Set Routines

Finally, the other idea that keeps coming to mind, is the regular routines that kids and family can depend on.  We learned about “PMF [Pizza Movie Friday]” from our military friends in Hawaii, this tradition is still a part of our week.  Another friend makes “Donuts Saturday” once a month.  How cool is that?  The kids know what to expect and get to see Dad cooking up a storm.  I’m looking forward to learning more about these little routines.

So, tell me below, With so much change, how do you remain connected as a family? What’s your secret?  I’m learning here!