Ep. 115 – Just Be YOU

“Be you.”

It sounds so easy.  As smart, ambitious women, we know we have something to share. So, just be you.

Oh please.

If it were that easy, we wouldn’t have anyone struggling with feeling out of place, trying to fit in, and be something they are not.

When we really think about it, trying to be yourself without any concern of what anyone else may think or say or do…is the toughest job of all.

"The hardest battle is to be just you." Leo Buscaglia
“The hardest battle is to be just you.” Leo Buscaglia

Today’s Monday Maxim:

This your mental Vitamin B. Each Monday I share a little motivation & insight to start the week. You’ve got a lot of people depending on you. There is big work for you to do. So here’s a maxim for you, the smart, ambitious woman, to help you SHINE.

“Love yourself-accept yourself-forgive yourself-and be good to yourself because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” – Dr. Leo Buscaglia

Be You

This may be the most important thing you hear from anyone. Don’t believe all the hype.  Trust yourself.

Be you.  Completely you.  All YOU.

In this video, he also said,

“The hardest battle you are ever going to fight is to be- just YOU.” – Leo Buscaglia

Here’s the honest truth.  People pay extraordinary amounts to get the publicity they want so that they world sees them “How they want to be seen.”  It’s ridiculous.  Once you decide to be you, with your quirky love of the Muppets, or your fascination with breadmaking, or the way you can explain the ins and outs of high-quality Sharpies …that’s what makes you interesting.  That’s where people want to hear more from you.

Update:  This is so important that we remember this, a video was absolutely necessary.  Feel free to share!

You see, that stuff that makes you different is powerful. Marketable.  You can build an income off of these characteristic traits.

“I’m really convinced, that if you were to define love, the only word big enough to engulf it all would be Life.  Love is life in all of its aspects. And if you miss love, you miss life. Please don’t.” – Leo Buscaglia

See for yourself

Sometimes you hear people tell you about something good and think, “Yea, I should probably check that out…I’ll do it later.”

Here’s the truth, my friend.  Later doesn’t really come.  That is something we tell ourselves we’ll get to when deep down we know there is no way we will make sure that happens.

The passion that Dr. Leo Buscaglia shares with others is something so worthwhile I’m going to leave it here for you.  He believes in love.  So do you.  So do I.

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Ep. 113 – Simple Ways to Support International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day, but…

Let’s have the conversation before the conversation.

International Women's Day
International Women’s Day

People get uncomfortable when we have a conversation about the rights of women.

Like with your commitment to financial security, or your political party, or even if and to whom you choose to worship…there are so many levels.

I’m not here to make you uncomfortable.

But did you know, that the world is searching for gender equality?  Google shared this video of the most looked up terms.

And did you know that most looked up word in last year was feminism?

Supporting Women’s Day does not make you against men. It is seeing how far we’ve come.

Consider that, without women before us paving the way, we would not be able to vote.  Or own land.  Or a home.  Or have our own banking account.  Or pursue our own dream.

Doesn’t that just seem…outrageous?  It does to me.

That’s why today, this International Women’s Day,  I honor those who made life better for me.

Women’s International Day

Did you know that WID has been observed for more than 100 years?

International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

Show your support

You can support International Women’s Day in these simple way:

1. Call Mom. Express your gratitude.

 Start simply.  Honor those who have led the way.  A simple expression of gratitude can change a relationship.

2. Choose your words more carefully. 

Most insults are about women. Have you considered that?

Word choice makes a huge difference in how you portray yourself and how you make women feel. Men are expected to fulfill a stereotype of strength and aggression, while women are expected to be deferential and fragile.”

3. Stand up so that all girls can have an education and work to support herself.

  • 2/3 of the 774 million illiterate people in the world are female
  • 31 million girls of primary school age are out of school
  • 80% of women in  America become mothers by the age of 45
  • research has shown that childless women are penalized by our bias that women “will become mothers.”

4. Support & celebrate men who support women & make family a priority.

When men have a healthier work/life balance women are allowed are given space to realize their potential

Men can join MARC, Men Advocating Real Change

5. Help those who are re-entering the workplace.

Path Forward is on a mission to empower women and men to restart their career after taking time off for caregiving. Our work with program participants and enlisting new partner companies is directly supported by your contributions.

6. Make a donation. There are several organizations that support women’s roles and gender equality.

Choose the right one for you and make a contribution to the cause.

7. Commit to supporting the #PressforProgress in the year 2018


#pressforprogress in 2018

  1. Maintain a gender parity mindset
  2. Challenge stereotypes and bias
  3. Forge positive visibility of women
  4. Influence other’s beliefs/ actions
  5. Celebrate women’s achievements

More resources:

The Irish Times https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/international-women-s-day-everything-you-need-to-know-and-do-1.3418380

How did you choose to support International Women’s Day this year?

Ep. 112 – You Have Power Over Your Mind

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You Have Power Over Your Mind
You Have Power Over Your Mind

Here’s a maxim for you, the smart, ambitious woman, to help you SHINE.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”  – Marcus Aurelius

When you focus your power on what you can change, miracles start to happen.

The key to remaining positive is to reframe the situation.

Ask yourself, “What is one positive thing about this situation?”

By reframing the situation, even very negative situations can give you positives examples and lessons in life.

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Ep. 111 – You Deserve to Be with Other Smart, Ambitious Women

Smart, ambitious women come from all walks of life.  We are different sizes, skin tones, in different socioeconomic situations, and yet, we are all the same. March is National Women’s History Month, and this is an excellent time to get reacquainted.

We’ve had some real growth in our audience and I want to welcome new listeners to the show.  There are things that you, the long-time listener may not know about me.

You Deserve to Be With Other Smart, Ambitious Women
You Deserve to Be With Other Smart, Ambitious Women

So this is an invitation to you, new friends today, and in the future, we are taking a moment to let you in.  I’m Amy Robles.

My purpose is simple.  I believe When you enrich a woman’s life, you touch her entire circle of influence.

Smart, ambitious women are rarely thinking about themselves. What do they spend time thinking about?  Their family’s needs; aging parents; work responsibilities; the community; and more. Stress can fill our minds and consume our lives.  Keeping up feels like paddling water to keep from drowning.

These women, like us, have forgotten to think about and take care of themselves.

I’ve worked in marketing and sales for years.  So those are topics we address.  But it’s not a regular sales kind of show. This podcast, Think Enriched, is the place for smart, ambitious women. We come together to share, enjoy some self-care, laugh, and be kinder to ourselves. We learn new strategies for success, then go and do tremendous good in the world.  It is that simple.

Where has your experience led you?

  • As a child we lived hand-to-mouth.
  • Started off as a money blog
  • As my journey has grown, the show has changed.
  • This is my second version of a podcast.
  • The friends I’ve made through this podcast are exceptional (online marketers & the listeners)

Where is this going? What’s your vision for this podcast?

  • Women are starving. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.
  • Beat the army of burnt out women.  Single moms, single women, married, gay, straight, or otherwise, there is too much to take care of in our role.
  • “the exclusive site for smart, ambitious women.”
  • CEOs, & power moms have more in common than they realize.
  • Managing multiple people, projects and items have the same principles.
  • Create the system to conquer our little should self-critic.
  • We work so hard to avoid failing others we can easily fail ourselves.
  • I imagine this group of power women that have met for weeks/months at a time online.  That when we come together for our retreat/experience…and finally meet in person at this power event. We learn business strategies, networking skills, keeping your vision fresh, support for women, trusting your intuition and emotions at the same damn time.
  • There’s not a business conference that I know of that meet the needs of women. It’s like feminist women trying to fit in the man’s world. Which is crap. Our world is different. We lead and nurture.
  • It’s not about bringing home the bacon like it was before. It’s more than that. Putting feelings and emotion in a process doesn’t make you weak, it add passion.  it increases the energy, giving you momentum and power, and staying true
  • The vision in my heart is BIG.

Are you a family person?

  • Family is the most important for me.
  • My siblings are in different parts of the world and like any family, we have struggles.
  • Military family which feels like, half-time 2 parents and half-time of single parenting.
  • Support, love, and strength really is where it’s at.
  • Home is our little bit of heaven.

Are you all about the hustle and the grind?

  • This is has been a big one for me… finding the balance.
  • I like to jump in the pool, or whatever it is, and then think, “Huh.  That was kind of a big decision.  It just felt right at the time.”
  • Being Mom & wife and still being able to give to this business can be stressful.
  • Turning off my mind to business ideas doesn’t seem to work.  I’m constantly searching for solutions and applying my life to my business and vice-versa.

Do you happily work 18 hours a day or get it all done in just six?

  • I’ve struggled with this a lot.
  • My husband said to me, “I can’t deal with talking about this all the time. I need you.  Not the business right now.”
  • I had to find a mentor/coach/mastermind/ colleague to discuss the business topics.
  • Turning it off is as important, if not more so, than keeping the business ideas going.

What do you do for fun?

  • My favorite, FAVORITE thing to do is to share stories.
  • I am down for a good game night.
  • I love to play with markers, hand lettering, and color.
  • Make-up is part of that. It’s so fun to try new looks.  I feel really good when I
  • My Mom had a beauty shop in our home.  Doing hair is a lot of fun.
  • Braiding hair is really fun, but I’m really slow.

Why Do We Need This Podcast?

Twice a week I share a show so it’s here when and where you need it.

Because let’s be real, girl, those moments you need a podcast show up.

Moments like when you are:

  • Focusing on work projects all day long.  Your brain feels like mush afterward.
  • Driving and pretending to keep calm even though your kids are screaming non-stop.
  • Feeling low after a day when it all went bad. So bad.
  • Needing a laugh to help you have a break.
  • Trying to remember the last time you had a girls’ night and need some social time.  You’re not Mom, the boss, or the spouse. You are simply YOU.
  • Wanting to have a conversation that is real and makes you feel good. Just because.
  • Wishing a good friend would pop right in and cheer you on!

We all have felt like this at some point. For a long time, I thought I was extra needy.

Powerful Women Must Take Care of Themselves

I’m not. You are not. We are smart, ambitious and kind. Those specific qualities make us powerful.

Powerful does not mean you’re a superhero. None of us are.

The REASON I make this podcast is this: Because You DESERVE to love yourself right now. You NEED to give yourself YOUR BEST. Even though you don’t think you have time. Especially when you don’t think you are worthy of it. Self-care is not selfish.

You fill up your own cup so you have more to give. Because what the world needs is you and your best.

That’s why I put so much work to craft and share different podcast episodes each week. I’m there for you. I understand how lonely it can to be to support all those around you and still feel so empty. It’s something no one wants to talk about and yet we can do something about it right now.

It takes time to prepare the show each week.  5 minute Monday Maxims, that quick shot of your mental Vitamin B can take up to 1 hour of time to produce.

Longer episodes take 8-10 hours for production.

I want you to feel confident. Cared for. Secure. Successful. And oh, so sexy! When you feel good on the inside it radiates in all you do.

Then Together We Can Change the World

Can you imagine if all smart, ambitious women in the world felt this way? We would change the world.

We can change the world as we work together.

Now, you have a decision to make. You could just move on and forget this page. Nothing will happen. Things will probably remain exactly the same as they have been in your life. Nothing happens unless you decide to make it happen.

Or you can do something different. You can contribute and become part of the movement. Be the one to help move this force of powerful women forward. As part of the team, you will be first to know when we get together, in real life.  Imagine the chance to hug one another, laugh, learn and work together to do even more good in the world.

By contributing to the show, you’ll be sharing part of the quality and consistency others count on. You are becoming part of the team.  Your insight will help shape the show for others who need it.

When you contribute, you’ll be doing something special. You’ll help us keep the podcast free.  You’ll help keep it out there in the world for another person who is struggling and really needs it. You are paying it forward, literally, so others can join us.

Click on the link and let me know how much this means to you. Your support at any level means a lot to me and to all the listeners who cannot give $1 a month.

You are a star. Shine on.