Need a resolution? Make it an Enriched Year.

Resolutions. Goals. Lifestyle change.  Plans for a better year.

2016: An Enriched Year
2016: An Enriched Year

Whatever you call them this has been on your mind for a bit, hasn’t it?

In personal reflection, I’ve realized that this is not the year to do more.  The world tells us that more is better.  A bigger home, is supposedly, better than a smaller home.  That more stuff to take care of is better for you and your family.  That more is not just better…it’s more.

The one thing 2015 taught me is that more is just…more. Profound, isn’t it?

So for 2016, I don’t want to do more.  I don’t want to add additional challenges or goals.  I’ve got them.  I don’t just want to gloss over the goals- do a high-level “Uh, yeah, I got the job done…” kind of a thing.  That’s not who I want to be.

I want to keep the same things I’ve been working on and just be more focused.  I want to do better.  I want to not just write a post, but go deeper.  I will tell you what we are working on, what we are learning, and where we are struggling.

Because we are all working on something.

Two years ago, I never would have believed that we would have been able to pay over $40,000 of debt while still living off just one income.  That doesn’t even make sense in my mind.

The big goals never really do.

So how did we do it?  This month, I’ll be sharing all about our pantry challenge, how we have made lots of small changes that have added up to big savings in our bottom line and even teaching you how to set up your first budget.

I am confident we are going to make some great strides together!

Tell me now, what resolution are you working toward?


4 Replies to “Need a resolution? Make it an Enriched Year.”

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how sometimes less is actually more. I’ll probably be writing more about this over at my site in the coming days and weeks.

    To answer your question, one of my resolutions is to add ~$14K to our emergency fund this year. It may be a bit of a stretch, but I believe it is possible. My wife and I are already talking about it and making strides in this direction.

    1. Wow, Jon! I agree. Ironic that less can actually be more in our lives. I think we miss a lot of great opportunities because we are looking for more, and more.

      Fantastic goal to add another $14K to your fund! A good stretch can make you grow! I’ll be cheering you on, buddy. I am confident you can achieve this!

  2. For us, I think 2015 was a “less” year overall. Despite how much we did, it was a function of getting back to basics, learning to live with and spend less. I think 2016 will be a “more” year for us, so knowing that now, I resolve to not sacrifice my health in favor of more!

    1. Oh man! This is HUGE. It can be so easy to sacrifice our health by making a choice to save money. Not cool. I’m delighted to hear how it goes by investing more into you!

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