“Helping Women Lead and Live a Richer Life.”

Girl, ever get to the end of the day and realize you did nothing for you? Go enough days, weeks, or even months like this and you’ll quickly feel like you’ve lost a bit of yourself.

Life is busy with a list of “to-dos” — work, parenting, volunteering, keeping the house, groceries, laundry. Too often, we push our own needs aside.

But what can we do? There’s just no time, right?


I’ve been there. I get it. My name is Amy Robles, and I help women lead and live a richer life. By “richer” — I don’t mean money. You’re not a gold-digger, or sugar mama (though a few extra bucks wouldn’t hurt).

Oddly enough, the things that lead to a richer life … are free. They’ll just cost you in time and focus. But you’re paying anyway, aren’t you? By never leaving any time for yourself?

Here’s how to lead a rich life:

  • R  – Rest. Take it easy, sister.  You can’t serve anyone else until you are taken care of.
  • I    – Invest. You already make everything go. You deserve to grow.
  • C   – Connect. It’s easy to think you’re alone. But we’re out there — heck, I’m right here.
  • H  – Harvest.  When you have rested, invested and connected you will have a great harvest.

These are the lessons I’ve learned.  These are the lessons I share with the world because, like you, I’ve got big work to do.

My goal is to: help you learn, lead, then live a richer life.  So together, we can change the world.

I do this by sharing my experiences and lessons on self-care, networking, the power of working hard, and the secret of all success, self-development.  I have worked with women in several countries.  I share this on my blog, podcast, and coaching services.

I enjoy sharing my message through my blog, but most of my message is shared privately to my email list.    When you sign up here, not only do I share my best work, I’ll share with you my permission slip I had to write to myself just to make it happen.

I look forward to sharing more with you, helping you become your best self, and give more.  So you can have an abundant harvest and we can change the world.