5 Dollar Dinner for my Family? Really?

Erin Chase, 5 Dollar Dinners
Erin Chase, 5 Dollar Dinners

Erin Chase, of 5 Dollar Dinners, shares her best money-saving tips for the one of the biggest challenges for all of us: getting dinner on the table.

In this episode we cover:

  •  How to hack ingredients and make meal planning work for you
  • “Necessity the is the mother of innovation,” How this all came to be.
  • A general doesn’t send his troops to battle without a plan- think of grocery shopping that way & take on the challenge.
  • Using the strategies of: having a meal plan, a specific shopping list and coupons she cut her grocery bill (for a family of 4) from $500 to $250!
  • What you need to know about coupons:  they are nothing but a marketing tool
  • The key is to use them strategically (Erin’s motivation):  “A dollar off coupon is a dollar you’re keeping in your pocket; when you use them strategically at the right time.”
  • Just starting out on the coupons?  Set a realistic goal for yourself:  $10 a week using coupons can add up to some real savings.
  • How to watch the sales and get the deep discounts on groceries.
  • The couponer’s high: how you can make the coupons work for you
  • The problem with that Extreme couponing show
  • Her 20 Meals for $150 at Costco tried to break the Internet
  • When she knew that this was an actual business model
  • “There’s definitely no such thing as small change.” Physical change like from the grocery store AND habit change.
  • How she works on this business, but still makes sure that her family comes first.
  • They say “You can’t have it all,” how Erin’s been able to make all of this work for her.
  • How she achieves all the business elements with her team, and how she has moved from a one-person operation to an entire team working for her.
  • How she avoids burnout in the business.
  • How she has eliminated the mindless scrolling on social media.
  • How project management has helped her maximize her time.

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