31 Ways to Enrich Your Life Today

You know that girl.  She may be your neighbor, the one that lives down the street, or even the one at work who just has that zest for life?  I love that girl!  She used to be a little intimidating, not because she was confrontational, but because I didn’t give myself enough credit around her.  I was really holding myself back.  Don’t make that same mistake.  Life is much too short for that.

31 Ways to Live Your Enriched Life
31 Ways to Live Your Enriched Life

Now, you may not have the financial situation you want right now.  You may be in a bit of financial struggle.  Do you realize that the richness in life comes from within?  I didn’t.  What I didn’t realize about that girl  is that she took care of herself, did things that made her happy, really blessed her own soul so that she had even more to give to those around her.

I want to be more like that.  As I continue to study what an enriched life is- I’m finding even more happiness, peace, and my relationships are becoming even better.  It is wonderful!  So today, I suggest a

Here is the list of 31 Ways you can enrich your life. NOW.

  1. Reach out and connect with someone you haven’t spoken to in years on Social Media.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Eat a marshmallow.  (I don’t even like marshmallows, but when I eat one, I’m smiling. 2 and I choke.)
  4. Read some brain candy for 20 minutes.
  5. Watch a TED Talk.
  6. Serve someone. Right now.  Don’t make it a big production, go help someone.
  7. Hold the door open for a stranger.
  8. Say thank you.
  9. Write a thank you note. (Isn’t that a lost art?)
  10. Take flowers from your garden to a neighbor.  For no reason at all.
  11. Write a letter. Does anyone even write letters anymore?
  12. Say “Hello” to 10 strangers.  That’s right.  10.  Try it while walking through the grocery store.  Big cheesy smile and a heartfelt “hello” to ten people will definitely change the environment of aisle 7.
  13. Laugh.  Watch a 5 minute clip on YouTube that makes you laugh anytime.  (Charlie bit me, anyone?) Why does that one still get me?
  14. See the sunset.   Really see it.
  15. Take the boring old, 5 minute-trim your nails routine and make it a 15 minute mini-mani.
  16. Why not do your toes, too?
  17. Text an old friend and tell them you’re thinking of them.  That’s all.
  18. Create.  Something.  Even cleaning out one shelf of a cupboard can be a creative process. That sounds…fabulous.  S-l-o-w clap.
  19. Snuggle.  With a child, a pet or even a pillow.  A 15 minute power nap would be nice, too.
  20. Go outside and take a deep breath.  Smell every aroma around you.  Is it a pizza place down the street?  Are you in the pines?
  21. Dance break.  Take yo’ dance break!  Work it, girl.   Hammer pants, not required.
  22. Dark chocolate, anyone?
  23. Plant one flower in the yard.  Just one. Tend to it and watch it grow.
  24. Eat your lunch someplace new.  Instead of at the kitchen table, can you make it a picnic outside?  Peanut butter and jelly become gourmet in the outdoors.
  25. Write in your journal.
  26. Blow up a balloon and just let it go.  (That still makes me giggle.)
  27. Doodle.  Like high school chemistry.  Some of the best doodles came from the lack of interest.
  28. Remember the best moment you had last year.  Feel those feelings.  Where were you?
  29. Color with your child.
  30. Try something TOTALLY new.  I’m thinking, meditate.
  31. Like baby elephants?  Duh, who doesn’t?  Watch THIS.


Which one did you do?  Don’t you just feel better? Richness comes within.  Take all the yummy goodness you feel right now and enjoy.  Savor it.  Every last drop and smile to yourself.  What a better person you are going to be for the whole world because of a quick little exercise like that!

Live YOUR enriched life right now!


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