3 Ways to Start Making Money from Home Today!

Note:  Today’s post is from guest, Gina Horkey.  She has made an impact on me and the power (and income) that can arrive by working from home.  I believe her message is for all of us and love her sincerity.  Enjoy!  30 Days or less to Freelancing Success

Are you interested in starting a side hustle to increase your household income?

Side hustles are great for bringing more money into the home, paying down debt, building up savings, using for a travel fund or just feeling productive while also being a mom and wife at home with the kiddos on a daily basis.

But it often feels like there are a million and one scams online advertising quick and easy ways to make money from home with virtually no experience or investment. How do you know which ones to stay away from and which are actual viable ways to make a buck?

I don’t know all of the answers, but I do know three great (and legitimate) ways to start making money from home. Two I have direct experience (and income) from and another one of my best friends has been very successful with. Ready to dive in and learn more? Let’s get started!

1. Create an Etsy Store

Are you a crafty mama? Or just someone that enjoys using their hands to create unique gifts and things for the home? Then an Etsy store might be right up your alley!

My IRL friend, Shannon started her Etsy shop, Little Buttercup Baby just over three years ago. Through her sweet crocheting skills, she was able to rake in more than $10k in sales in her first year alone! Just a couple years later, she’s been able to more than double that!

The most impressive part? Mama has four (yes FOUR!) kiddos, three of which are at home with her all day. Her husband is a police officer and often works side jobs too, so Shannon works her business while running her household and raising her sweet babies (not to mention the pregnancies and breastfeeding in between it all). Girls got serious business game!

I keep telling her she should write a book or a course based on her experience (and huge success), but I don’t know that she’s found the extra time for that yet. She does crochet each piece by hand after all!

Shameless plug: If you know of a new baby on the way, her hats, etc make AWESOME gifts (this is my sweet baby modeling one, who is now almost two!).

2. Become a Virtual Assistant

I only have one VA client, but he pays me really well and I’ve gotten the side benefit of learning about his successful business from the inside, while getting paid to work for him. I’ve written in the past about how I landed him and my experience with being a VA overall.

The gist of it, is that I noticed he was having trouble keeping up with his email via some back-and-forth exchanges we had (I didn’t know him at all before this). Throughout our conversation I bravely and bluntly asked if he wanted my help and much to my surprise he said yes. Much of it had to do with timing and the growth of his business.

There are other ways to go about getting VA work though. Check out this post on five different places to go about finding VA work. If you feel confident you could make a webpreneur’s life better by sorting and managing their email inbox, helping them with their social media presence, writing on their behalf, among many other things, this might be a good fit for you.

3. Start Writing for the Web

This was the path that I set out to take when I started looking into alternative career options about a year ago. I was dissatisfied with my career at the time (as a financial advisor/support person to a large practice) and couldn’t envision myself doing it for the next 20+ years (I’m in my early thirties).

So I started researching alternative options and came across some great resources that showed me that non-fiction writing for the web was a viable option. I launched my business officially in May of 2014 and have since grown it large enough to put in my notice and do this full-time. I’ve been a full-time freelancer for more than two months now and I’m so glad that I took the leap.

Building an online writing business has been really fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of challenges, but overall it’s been a great experience and I feel like I’m just getting started!

As a writer, I do everything from writing blog posts for companies and individuals to doing copywriting work and writing more journalistic style articles (my least favorite). I enjoy copywriting (writing sales copy for products/companies) and blog style writing the most.

I’ve had my fair share of success and tracked my progress from the beginning to make sure I wasn’t trying the wrong thing over and over and getting the same (bad) results. What I found after a few months, was that I had created a blueprint of sorts, that others could follow to launch their own freelance writing business.

So I turned it into a course. I’ve been offering it now for over three months and have gotten some fantastic feedback and success stories. I love helping others launch and build their online business. I’ve successfully made the transition from a day job to full-time webpreneur and I enjoy helping others do the same. Or just helping them start a side hustle to increase the income that comes into their household – that’s fun too!

Get Started Writing Today!

Amy and I have a great offer for you today, if you enjoy writing and would like to give this whole freelance writing for the web thing a shot. My course, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success, normally retails for $47, but we’re offering it for a 20% discount if you purchase now.

Sign up here. 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success

Why not you, why not now?

I’m around if you want to send me an email privately or ask a question in the comments. To your future online success!


Gina Horkey
Gina Horkey

Gina Horkey is a writer for hire, with a background in personal finance. She also offers coaching services and really enjoys helping other freelancers gear up to quit their day jobs and take their side hustles full-time. In June of 2015, she plans to be writing and traveling around the US in an RV, young family of four in tow! Please stop by Horkey HandBook and say hello and download a free copy of 8 Tips to Start Your Freelance Career off on the Right Foot!


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